The "Yōko" are a fictional species of monsters in Rosario + Vampire exclusive to the franchise.

Bite Size Monster DictionaryEdit

The generic term for the Inari, Kudagitsune, and Osaki classes of spirit foxes. Represented by the nine tailed fox, many have very strong supernatural energy. Also, when they beat their tails together, they create something known as "kitsunebi" (fox fire) and completely burn any human who does them harm.


As befitting their name, the Yōko fit the general shape of their animal counterpart, the fox. However, a Yōko is a Human-sized or larger creature, possesses multiple tails, and despite its fox-like form, is actually a humanoid creature, with appropriately present hands, though they can also be on all fours if they choose to. Another signature feature is that they sometimes possess a number of elaborate, tattoo-like markings on their bodies, concentrated on the shoulders up to the head, though this is likely dependent on factors such as the type, power level, age, etc.

One unique aspect of this species is that their appearance changes over time, which is directly correlated to the number of tails that he or she may have, which is in turn tied to factors such as time, inherent talent, training, etc. and the overall gaining of wisdom during ones lifespan. These factors in turn will increase the number of tails that a Yōko will possess; the more tails, the stronger and wiser the Yōko will be.

Yōko can have as many as nine tails, hence the representative for all classes of Spirit Foxes is the nine-tailed fox, the pinnacle of this species. At that point, they are at their highest stage of power, which is potent enough for them be worshiped and renowned as gods by humans and monsters alike, which is when they are firmly placed in the S-class category of monsters.

Though the full range of physical changes throughout a Yōko's life has not been witnessed, they are known to gain a more refined appearance as get older and gain more tails. Earlier in their life, such as when they have 4 tails, they have fairly sleek but rough, feral, and fire-covered appearance, whose front limbs are very human-like in nature, and their fur billows with their signature "Kitsunebi" (fox fire). When the fifth tail is gained, however, they have a less rough appearance, which comes to more strongly resemble a normal fox's, with similarly-marked ears, which are lengthened and sometimes black tipped.

Though it is not clear if they continue to cover their bodies in Kitsunebi, their overall appearance becomes more refined and less feral than they would appear earlier in their lives. It is likely that their later stages of life are very idyllic in form, much like the statues that are made in their honor. Regardless of these characteristics, they share similarities with renowned Werewolves, another and higher-ranked species of S-Class monster. Like that species, they have an overall similar body structure, but are less harsh in appearance and less muscular in physique.

Like all other Yōkai, they are capable of taking on a human form, which can vary depending on the individual, though their form will still reflect aspects of their true form, which in the context of human features, involves high cheek bones, long, sharply-featured faces, and slanted eyes, and hair of variable but sometimes shoulder or greater length. It is also possible that they may not have eyebrows but spots or markings that are present in their true forms. This can be seen with Kuyou in all of his forms; rather than eyebrows, he has two black circles.

Regardless of their age or class, a Yōko is able to take on a specialized, enhanced form which maximizes and condenses the total amount of power that the fox has relative to the number tails he or she may have. This form is known as the "Battle Form." In contrast to the base-line or human form, this form combines aspects of both, albeit oriented for the needs of combat and the overall purposes of intimidation. This form has a streamlined, muscular upper torso, which matches their human form, albeit with the iconic fox ears, while the lower torso is that of their standard form, which is now placed for optimum, bipedal movement.

Though this form's appearance may give the impression of being a hybrid, it is in fact the most advanced form that a Yōko can achieve, which in turn is their most powerful weapon. Given its nature, this form possesses tremendous physical strength, stamina, endurance, and is capable of moving at very high speeds, alongside having high-quality yōki channels to better employ the fox's energy. Depending on the type, age, etc. of the fox, this form can also retain the elaborate markings that some foxes possess.

Finally, this form overall appearance and mannerisms are structured to be relatively fair, attractive appearance, giving the image of a powerful and wise being capable of not just being ferocious and cruel, but gentle and kind as well. This combination of traits is an important contributing factor in the Yōko's history of renown and supplication from other beings, which they have in turn actively encouraged since ancient times.


As befitting their status as S-class Yōkai, the Yōko possess formidable power, both in terms of their yōki and their combat capabilities.

Yōki: Their outbursts of yōki are powerful enough to crack apart and crater the ground beneath them, sending debris flying as well as issuing forth a high-temperature pressure wave and a pillar of energy into the air. According to legend, the more tails a Yōko possesses the more powerful they are, with nine being the highest amount of tails a Yōko can possess. In some parts of kitsune legends, kitsunes who possess nine tails are said to be so powerful that their powers easily matches that of a god and are considered omniscient deities.

Kitsunebi (Fox Fire)

  • This fiery manifestation of their yōki is their primary weapon, which covers their bodies and is generated either in their hands or most notably, when they lash their tails together. This burning energy is extremely hot, and possesses the potential to burn almost any enemy to ashes. A Human struck by a blast of Kitsunebi has almost no chance of survival unless they are immediately healed, such as in the case of Tsukune's transfusion of Vampire blood from Moka Akashiya, and his subsequent revival.
  • Due to its potency, Kistunebi also has considerable explosive power as well, though this depends on how it is used, be it a simple fireball, or a full-power, potentially lethal special technique, which is the case with Kuyō's signature "Vortex of Fire" technique.

Battle Form

  • This advanced form of the Yōko is also their most powerful weapon, quite likely responsible for their legendary status as being potentially considered gods, or at least the principle emissaries of such beings.
  • In this form, the Yōko's body is optimized for combat, possessing significant physical strength, speed, stamina, and a high resistance to incoming damage. Another important feature is that their yōki is highly concentrated and compressed, giving them a higher level of power than their Human or base-line forms. This is potentially valuable, for if a Yōko faces an opponent stronger than itself, such as a Vampire, it would have at least some chance of survival.
  • Just as its name suggests, this form is very effective in combat, allowing the Yōko to fight its enemies with a considerable amount of success, striking its opponents with powerful blasts of Kitsunebi. If choosing to engage in hand-to-hand combat, the Yōko is capable inflicting tremendous damage, from a combination of its speed, physical strength, the channeling of its potent Yōki into each blow, and the burning effects of its signature "Fox Fire." This cumulative combination of damaging effects means that a Battle Form Yōko is capable of readily sending its opponent crashing into a wall with cratering force, or easily pulverizing and shattering concrete and stone.
  • The sheer power of this form renders a Yōko too powerful to be defeated by lower level monsters, such as a Succubus or a Witch, or other non-S-Class monsters. Given its power and effectiveness, this form is even capable of engaging even a Werewolf in combat, which is notable, because Werewolves are the most fearsome monsters, ranking just below the vaunted Vampires in power. Unfortunately, even with this form, a Yōko is no match for a Vampire, especially a Shinso, and is readily defeated in battle from such an opponent in a single or quick volley of blows, though these attacks would be fairly serious in nature.

Only Known Yōko (singular)Edit