Bite-Sized Monster DictionaryEdit

A demon with its origins in India that become known in places such as China. They excel at transformation and use of yōkai techniques. Those forms range from lions, elephants, hermits, with either one eye or three eyes, they can use varied forms. In Japan they are similar to ogres.

Appearance Edit

They possess a mostly human appearance, with either a third, vertical eye, or a single eye. Aside from that, they are indistinguishable from humans. In the cases of Fang Fang Huang and Touhou Fuhai, they have wave-like line designs around the eye, Fang Fang having two while Touhou has four.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Their powers consist of shapeshifting, Youjutsu and summoning creatures like Phoenixes, Pandas and Salamanders.

Known YashaEdit

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