White and Black Duet, Number 13: Last Waltz is a combination technique that was created and used by Mizore Shirayuki and Kurono Kurumu.


Last Waltz
To use this technique, Mizore and Kurumu grab hold of each other's hand. A sharp ice shard appears over the head of the enemy they wish to use the technique on which then quickly begins to grow as time passes. By the time they are ready to call out the technique, the sharp ice shard will have become as large as a car.

When Mizore and Kurumu call out the technique's name, the ice shard will descend to impale their enemy. If it hits the ground, it will create a considerable shockwave.


  • The true strength of this technique is unknown due to the evasivness and/or strength of the people it was used upon.
    • Akua Shuzen managed to use the Jigen-Tou to avoid the technique while Kahlua Shuzen used her transformation ability to cut the ice-shard into numerous small pieces that did little to no damage.

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