The appearance of a vampire can vary greatly, from having light to dark skin and hair of all types and colors. An example of this is Kalua and Kokoa who have a vast difference between them in that while Kokoa has fair skin, green eyes and red hair, Kahlua has olive skin and long, yellow hair. The only thing that can physically distinguish a vampire from a human are their fangs, red eyes and their unnatural toughness. Even so, vampires are rarely seen in public, as they tend to keep to themselves. Despite this, many unlucky students of Yōkai Academy immediately recognize Moka as a vampiress once she is unsealed by Tsukune, using the description above, due to their fame. Vampiresses are creatures of great beauty as many of the students at Yokai Academy are mesmerized by Moka's beauty and also by Kokoa's beauty.


They are often referred to as a singular species, there are actually a number of varieties of the species, sharing many similarities as well as distinct differences. Variants include the converted "temporary Vampire" and the powerful Shinso.


  • Also known as the "Super vampire or vampiress". The most renowned and powerful variant is known as a Shinso which is a type of Vampire or Vampiress who has powers far above the other varieties and the baseline version, who can only be 'propagated' by another Vampire either ingesting its blood or having it injected. This type of Vampire is also capable of absorbing other monsters, as is the case with Alucard. 

As the most feared and renowned species of monsters, the Vampire have a variety of abilities as well as a number of basic ones shared across all members of the species. The specific abilities that an individual possesses can vary as much as his or her appearance, personality, preferences, and fighting styles. Some individuals might use the versatile but shunned shape-shifting ability, such as Kalua Shuzen, or employ weapons to maximize their efficiency in combat, such as Kokoa Shuzen. Others such as Moka Akashiya and Akua Shuzen rely instead on their fighting skills and techniques instead, employing those alongside the generic abilities shared across the species.

  • Yōki Conversion: The signature ability of the Vampire race is their ability to channel their unrivaled reserves of Yōki directly into their unique musculature, generating incredibly high levels of raw strength. This means that their muscles are powered directly and continuously by their Yōki, which allows them to generate incredible amounts of physical force in their physical blows and techniques. While other monsters can channel their Yōki into their bodies to provide extra power to their attacks, they cannot do so at the same or similar intensity for much time, only being able to do so in a single or handful of attacks before depleting themselves. More precisely, other monsters, even those of the higher levels and the S-class, can only rival or match a Vampire's damage levels by channeling the maximum amount of physical strength and Yōki into a specific, lethal technique. Even then the amount of force generated is only an approximate match for a single blow from a Vampire. This is all thanks to their unique Yōki-powered musculature, which is often a subject of fear and envy for other monsters, even those of S-class such as a Werewolf. The consequences of this ability in battle are tremendous most monsters are severely rendered unconscious upon impact, with only those of a very high enough level being able to recover from it. The physical forces generated by this ability sends many enemies flying through the air for a considerable distance upon crashing into an object or the ground, enough to create large craters upon crashing. Though not usually shown to kill the Vampire's targets, this ability can readily be brought to lethal levels which, in the case of a Shinso-class Vampire, the highest level of the Vampire race can outright disintegrate the opponent on impact. Environmental damage can and will manifest on the ground and nearby obstructions, having walls broken apart, craters forming, and obstacles being thoroughly pulverized. One last consequence of this ability is that at high enough intensities there is a visible discharge of energy, i.e. aura surges, which is most prominent in the bat-and-moon-themed energy surges in Shinso-class Vampire's high-intensity to full power attacks.
  • Regeneration Abilities: As a species highly specialized for combat, Vampires possess unrivaled regeneration abilities and incredible stamina. Their regeneration is in response to receiving damage can be almost reflexive if not automatic, and they can take tremendous punishment in the unlikely event of taking an enemy's attack. This can be seen in Moka's ability to recover from cuts and physical impacts, and most significantly in Akasha rejoining her torso together after being sliced in two by Akua.
  • Yōki Detection: Another signature vampiric ability is the ability to not only sense an opponent's energy, but their intentions as well. This allows a Vampire to be able to sense their thoughts and movements without relying on sound, sight, vibrations, and even smell, effectively enabling the Vampire to almost 'foresee' his/her enemy's attack, and fight accordingly. This capacity is most often employed by Moka alongside her combat techniques, allowing her to be one step or two ahead of her enemies, and often ending battles in little to no time at all. Converted qausi-vampires like Tsukune are also able to use this ability, though only after intensive and equally extensive training.
  • Deception: The most basic skill naturally wielded by Vampires, they excel at deception. By use of deceit, they can get close to a person to charm them and then feed off of them. Also, as part of their true nature, they can still lie even under the influence of an artifact like Lilith's Mirror. EX: Inner Moka lied about Tsukune being replaced by the mirror so as to keep him out of the clash with Ishigami. As Lilith's Mirror released her true nature, that proves deception is at the core of a Vampire's true nature.

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