As me and Tsukune prepaired to sit down for lunch I was telling him about the time that everyone at the Galactic Kids Next Door PC Gaming Convention asked me what specs they needed to play this game and that game, and this game or that game. So I told them that just because I just recentally started playing PC myself as much as I'd love to spend needless wasted hours answering stupid questions about gaming requrements and PC specs, I couldn't answer all there questions. Then and only then did my buddy Tyrone "Pointer" Koss say. "Can my PC make me Damburger? Because I'm Hungery." (The word Damburger is a Pink Panther movie refference to when they tried to teach the Pink Panther's Titicular Character played by Steve Martin how to speak english by teaching him to say. "I would like a Hamburger." But unfotunetally the closest he comes to saying Hamburger..... Well it comes out as Damburger and the rest is history). So me and Tsukune wound up sitting down smack dab at the popular girl's table. At first they seemed nice enough. But when my Childhood Friend Mizore Shirayuki tried to sit down they said to her. "EW!!!!! Get away from us you freak!!!!! Yeah!!!!! You like stalk n' stuff you bitch!!!!! Yeah!!!!! Your the High School Freak Job!!!!! Yeah!!!!! No wonder no one likes you, you stalk, you anounce when you have a crush, and worst of all your increadablly mentally unstable, in short your a lyablity whating to happen for anyone who dates you!!!!!" I cried out. "Hey, you can't talk to her like that!!!!!" They responded. "Yeah, what are you gonna do about it!!!!! Tell the freaking principale on us!!!!!" "NO!!!!!" I responded. "But I will take my friends, my lunch, and my business to another table, good day ladies." I continued. They responded. "Come on Bobby don't be like that screw her sit with us!!!!! Yeah, I'll bet we could be ten times better girlfriends than she could all of us, we'd do any thing you want!!!!! ANYTHING!!!!! COME ON DON'T LEAVE WE LOVE YOU MORE THAN THAT PHSYCO BITCH EVER COULD!!!!! YOU SUCK BOBBY!!!!! YOU KNOW THAT?!!!!! YOU REALLY SUCK!!!!!" "I BELIEVE I SAID GOOD DAY LADIES!!!!!" I responded as I walked away. "Man what bitches they were, who put a rock in their undies!!!!!" I said to Tsukune and Mizore-Chan. Later I returned to my dorm room still pissed at those popular girls for being bitches. So then I hear a Knock, Knock, Da, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock. I said. "I'm coming!!!!!" The knocking turned into exesive banging, and to that I responded. "I'M COMING JESUS CHRIST, TO WHO EVER'S OUT THERE SOMEONE HAD BETTER BE JUST AS DAMN WELL DYING OR I'M GONNA BE PISSED WITH YOU FOR YOUR EXESIVE FORCE OF BEATING DOWN MY DOOR, IF YOU BREAK IT I HAVE TO PAY FOR IT JUST REMEMBER THAT!!!!!" It turnd out to be the popular girls again. I said. "Ohhhhh..... Crap!!!!!" "You just don't know when to quit or when someone had enough of and/or does not like you do you? Well I'll have to give you the fact that your very tenacious about winning the object of your affection's heart." I continued. I added. "I'm not romantically interested but is there any other way I could be of service." They yelled. "IF WE CAN'T HAVE YOU BY CHOSE WE'LL TAKE YOU BY FORCE!!!!!" "YOU AND WHAT ARMY!!!!!" I cried out in response. "What!!!!!" They said in unisen with perfect timing and percision. "What I've always wanted to say that!!!!!" I said in response. I will end my story here both to go to bed, and build up some suspense. Will the young prince of the Panthalassa Clan get kiddnaped and held hostage by some teenage pre-madonas, who will rescue him his friends or a mystery love interest, does my plasma burn from the time I ejected over heretic controlled cambodia with the Kids Next Door in 2003 look infected to you? Find out in Part Four of Panthalassa + Vampire, coming out when I get the freaking time to write it so people please don't bug me about it. Thanx. I hope you enjoyed.

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