Alrighty, then. Here goes my first attempt to post on this wiki's FF Blogs. First, some preliminary information: This whole story arc started with some bizarre dream brought on by watching too many episodes of the anime before bed, and as such, this is in anime continuity, and the OC is (loosely) based off of me. I have made great strides to make it more 3rd-person in nature, so please bear with me.

Part I: American + Vampire

[Hello. My name is Eoin (rhymes with Korean) Maloney. I am very excited today. Do you want to know why? Because I get to visit Japan for a full year at Yōkai Academy! Naturally, I am looking forward to the cultural exchange.] (Just as a forewarning, anything in English will be in <<Guillemots>>) A brown-haired Caucasian teenager, about 185 cm (6'2") in height, with a prominent, Filipino nose (He is of some Filipino descent), dressed in the normal uniform, except with a bright green tie in place of a red one, walked into the main gates of the academy, his brown eyes showing a smile, as was the rest of his face. This would seem insignificant, except that this boy doesn’t smile much. He’s not unhappy, he’s just not “smiley.” As he walked in the door, his smile just got bigger and bigger, as he heard the people around him talk: Ah, Japanese…Sweet, sweet, Japanese. I like Japanese. Always follows its rules, always sounds so beautiful. This giddy grin subsided into a contented smile as he stepped into homeroom.

“Hello, everyone! As most of you know, I am your Homeroom teacher Nekonome-Sensei, and I would like to be the first to welcome our American visiting student, ‘Marōni Ian-san’.”

The boy stepped up to the front of the class, and spoke, in a cautious Midwestern American accent: “Hello. I am happy to meet you. My name is Eoin Maloney. That’s I-A-N in katakana, E-O-I-N in Romaji." Eoin said, writing it out, his writing only a little less clumsy than his speech. "I am pleased to *read* you all. I wish to learn as much as I can about local culture and language. I hope you will have *patients* with me, as I am still learning Japanese, and I am liable to use idiosyncratic phrases for a while.” He said, making numerous laughable mistakes as he spoke.The majority of the class began to chuckle under their breaths at his clumsy “Amerikajin” accent. Eoin seemed uncertain of whether to laugh along, or sulk off to a corner and brood, grumbling under his breath in English. Unable to decide between the two, he returned to his seat, between a friendly looking fellow with dark-brown hair and eyes, and a less inviting guy with numerous piercings.

“What is that smell? It's almost human.” The pierced boy, Saizou replied.

“What? Is that bad? Aren’t we going to this school to live alongside humans?” Eoin responded inquiringly.

“Forget it. If you want smell like food, that’s your problem.” Saizou ended the conversation, leaving Eoin a little surprised. He was never one for anthropophagy.

First Class: Math (Teacher: Ririko Kagome [李々子 籠女])

Who was that jerk? Eoin wondered, completely disinterested in the class, simply because he already knew it.

“Ahem! Excuse me? Is there something interesting on the ceiling, Eoin-san?” the Sensei asked Eoin impatiently. “Or would you like to solve the problem for us?”

<<“Oh, sure. Let’s see… 2X^2-3X+10=Y… The vertex formula is X=-b/2a so the vertex is located at (0.75,-11.125), run through the points, graph it, so on, and here we go, we have our answer,”>> He completed his answer and turned to face the confused fish eyes of his classmates.

<<“Oh dang,”>> he grunted.

“I did that in English, didn’t I?” He requested, returning to Japanese. “Did you understand any of that? No? <<Crap…>>”

Eoin stood, befuddled, at the front of the class, as an awkward silence began to form. Luckily, he was rescued by a less-than-awake girl in the third row of class, who began to talk in her sleep: “Oh, Tsukune, gentler, please...” and then muttered indistinctly.

Several 'interesting' hours later, at lunch...

Eoin walked into the cafeteria and heard a familiar cacophony of lunchroom conversation, albeit in a different key than back home. As he walked through, he heard snippets of conversation throughout the room, as he quietly sat alone. He quietly ate his lunch alone, as he meditated upon his isolation.

I miss Jeff High.

As he got up, he wondered if he really belonged at Youkai Academy. As his mind flashed through his memory, he became increasingly certain of one thing, and that was: I don't have a clue what the hell I'm doing.

It was then that Eoin heard the familiar sound of everyone leaving the cafeteria en masse.

The next afternoon...

“Sensei?” Eoin walked in quietly, “May I ask you a question?”

“Of course. What is it, Eoin-san?”

“I don't have any friends yet, and I was wondering if there is any extracurricular activities that I could try.”

“How about Newspaper club?” Sensei shamelessly plugged.

Eoin mulled it over for a moment or so, and said, “Okay. I'll try hard.”

The rest of the week is looking up, Eoin mused, as he walked in to newspaper club that afternoon.

Well, I had an interesting first week, but I bet things are just getting started! See you next time!]