• Hikaru Genshin

    Fanfic Poem

    June 17, 2010 by Hikaru Genshin

    Hello everyone, sorry I got this huge burst of creative energy this evening and wrote this out to keep it under control. It's written in italics for fanciness. It’s a simple poem about Inner Moka’s complicated feelings toward Tsukune. It is based on the manga, more so Season I then Season II but I guess it fits both of em if you connect the dots. I hope you enjoy it. ^_^;

    My Crimson Desire

    I hate you, no I despise you.

    You’re human and yet you make my heart soar.

    The smell of your blood make my desires grow with each passing night.

    Why is it that you attract me so?

    Why is it Tsukune that I envy your bond with my Outer self?

    You’ve nothing to offer; being weak and from an average human family.

    You’ve nothing but your heart… That kind and gentle hea…

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