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Physical Techniques: Tsukune originally relied only on his increased physical might through Moka's vampire blood to end most of his early fights before being trained in Youjutsu by Touhou Fuhai. Edit

  • Power Punch: Tsukune conversed his yoki to his punches on his opponents to give great damage and even send them to great distances.
  • Power Kick: Tsukune augmented his kicks with yoki to incapacitate his opponents.
  • Throw: Tsukune uses the enhanced strength of his vampire blood to throw his opponents.
  • Speed Smash: Tsukune sends out a flurry of punches so fast most opponents can't see the punches let alone react to them. The power and speed of this technique is enhanced by the unsealing of his holy lock.

Youjutsu Techniques: Tsukune became well trained in the art of Youjutsu by Touhou Fuhai after requesting him to become stronger and thus learned the methods made specifically to counter the Jigen-Tou. Edit

  • Touhou Fuhai Style - Muei-Tou (Shadowless Sword): This technique was created by Toho Fuhai to nullify the Jigen-Tou. Also referred to as the Tonfa of Light. On contact it locks the Jigen-Tou in the current dimension and seals its ability to cut like "a saw that cannot be pulled". This technique does little damage, but it is the only known defense against the otherwise unstoppable Jigen-Tou.
    • Muei-Tou Yamikiri (Shadowless Sword Darkness Cut): This is an extension technique where Tsukune uses with the principles of Muei-Tou giving it offensive and cutting abilities. The power of this technique proved sufficient enough to damage Gyokuro's ribs and internal organs.

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