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Moka AkashiyaEdit

Outer MokaEdit

Tsukune's feeling for the Outer Moka is obvious in the terms of love. In the anime, they often would exchange loving glances at each other. Though he feels highly uncomfortable when ever she takes a drink of his blood, which he would react by screaming and pulling himself away from her, often with a spray of blood coming from his neck.

In the manga, Tsukune has a crush and feelings of love for Outer Moka right from the start of the story. When Tsukune first met Moka, he was immediately attracted to Moka and said to himself that she is the cutest girl that he has ever seen in his entire life. In as early as Chapter 1 of manga, Tsukune says to Moka that he likes her. Tsukune blushes around Moka and often thinks (or fantasizes) about being with her. Tsukune is very protective of Moka. There are numerous instances in the manga where Tsukune takes a damaging blow for Moka, in order to protect her. In Chapter 11, although he does not want to be a vampire at first, Tsukune says that he is willing to become one as long as he can protect Moka.

It can be seen that Moka's crush and feelings of love for Tsukune is more pronounced in the manga, and vice versa as well (Tsukune's feelings to Moka). Whenever Tsukune tries to make Outer Moka happy or willingly allows her to suck his blood for her health and happiness, she blushes and is very happy. When others mention how close the they are and if she has feelings for him, she blushes and is very bashful around him. Whenever she has the courage to ask him out on a date, she fidgets, and slightly stutters. When Tsukune's mother mentions how much he talks about her and likes her, she hugs him and tries to kiss him. In a number of instances in the manga, she says directly to Tsukune that she loves him [Chapter 6 (during Tsukune's birthday); Chapter 11 (where she says that she loves him even if he will hate her)].

Inner MokaEdit

Though highly uncomfortable at first, he does admit that he is scared of her, Tsukune eventually got closer to the Inner Moka, but still respect her choices. But when it comes to life and death events, he would do anything to protect her, even if it cost his life. In the anime, when Moka gave up her rosario to save the school's barrier from failing, Tsukune blush heavily when Inner Moka tries to act like her Outer self.

In manga, in Chapter 16 of Rosario Vampire II (the sequel to the original manga), Tsukune had a dream of sleeping with Inner Moka, which he can't believe he had himself. Ever since after that dream, Tsukune starts to develop feelings for Inner Moka, which grows further as time passes.

On the other hand (also in manga), Inner Moka also develops feelings for Tsukune - to the point that it can be observed that she is falling for him as the manga progresses (blushing when thinking about Tsukune and being infatuated with him; showing her soft side to him more and more). In Chapter 16 (Rosario Vampire II), Inner Moka blushes for the very first time in the whole series when Tsukune suddenly embraces her. In Chapter 23 (Rosario Vampire II), Inner Moka vehemently rejects the idea of polygamy with other females with Tsukune. When Kurumu says that this was because she (Inner Moka) wants Tsukune to be hers alone, Inner Moka blushes. In Chapter 26 (Rosario Vampire II), Inner Moka bakes a pumpkin pie for Tsukune and blushes when Tsukune says that it was delicious.

As the story progresses further, Tsukune views more and more of the Outer and Inner Moka as being one Moka. According to Tsukune, he cares for both of them the same and hopes that one day, the inner and outer Moka can become one together.

Kurumu KuronoEdit

Tsukune is rather hesitant when faced by Kurumu. While he does show slight affection toward her breast to the point he is conscious enough to rate how soft it is in comparison to her mother. But due to his shy nature, Tsukune is normally paralyzed when she brushes her breast on his chest or other rash behavior. Kurumu is the only character (other than Moka) Tsukune has kissed albeit he was in ghoul form.

Yukari SendoEdit

Though Tsukune accept Yukari the way she is, he is often shocked by her love of Moka and her actions to show it. But when she move her interest to him, he would complain about the fact that she is too young for him. In the anime, during the point where Yukari is entranced by the Lilth's Mirror, and act extremely perverted toward Tsukune, he complains that it is getting too close to "kiddie porn."

Mizore ShirayukiEdit

Feelings between Mizore and Tsukune is rather an unusual one. He is often shocked by her sudden appearance at awkward places, but he have grown to be slightly affectionate of the ice woman and, like with Moka, will do.

Ruby Tojo Edit

A friend accepted by Tsukune, but often surprised for her erratic behavior and requests. At of all the girls, he considers her to be the craziest. He also will react to Ruby's older technology sense, as one time she compare being bored to the point of wrapping herself up with a chain to twirling the "twirly part" of the telephone cord and he responded by "who have those type of phones anymore?!" In the anime, he shows extreme suspicion for each job she takes, but only to be responded by "it's a long story."

Ginei MoriokaEdit

Through his charming personality, Gin is a good friend of Tsukune, each helping each other when in need. But in terms of competition over girls, Tsukune often found him to be a slight annoyance due to his failed efforts of gaining the girl's trust. Due to his perverted personality, Tsukune sometimes feel a little embarrassed by his behavior or even feel slightly sorry for his companion from time to time.

Fong-Fong HuangEdit

First action reacted by Tsukune was pure shock of when Fong-fong requested him to join his family, purely because he do not know him that well. Over time, he became a pure annoyance and Tsukune started ignoring him completely. When Tsukune went Fangfang's house to allow Touhou Fuhai to fix Moka's Rosario, his friends was "attacked" by the Fangfang's family, he was forced to work together with the Yasha. During the process of teamwork to undercover the attack plot, they became friends and consider each other worthy rivals.

Kokoa ShuzenEdit

In the anime, Tsukune is fearful of Kokoa to the point to calling her a "Miss." Through this fear, he is still willing to protect her with his life, and will protect her life if it is threatened, an example being him using his body heat to warm her when she fell ill from hypothermia in a snow storm. In the manga, though he still project some fear at first, he later shifts into a more relaxed feeling around her to the point that he would treat her like Yukari and others dispite her curse under her breath.


Kasumi AonoEdit

Tsukune showed love to his mom the same way anyone should, but often retaliate against her thinking. When Kasumi told him that she will be sending off to Yokai Academy, he immediately points out that the form was found on the ground by his dad. When he was paid visit by the girls, he strongly voiced the reason of why there were four girls in his bedroom, despite her thoughts.

Kyoko AonoEdit

Tsukune respected Kyoko as a big sister and often listen to her opinion and voice his own, despite the morale needed to get past her thick head. When she is in the heat of a situation, he would often listen through her thoughts due to her likelihood of a comeback comment.

Friend's ParentsEdit

Issa ShuzenEdit

Though ignorant of his powers at first glance, Tsukune soon learns that he have to earn Issa's trust if he is to have his daughter, Moka. During the fight for the Rosario, Tsukune begin to fear him, but the only thing that keep him from running away is the determination to bring back the outer Moka. After the fight, he learns that Issa was holding back his attacks to test him, thus begin the respect between them. In the Manga Issa is the most powerful vampire left in existence after Dracula's (aka Alucard) defeat. Issa is an assassin/head of the Shuzen family and is overly protective of his daughters, he also happens to be a polygamist (although he states himself that he messed the whole thing up in the end). At the end of the manga, Issa is hired to train Tsukune to be the next headmaster of the academy and spars with Tsukune the first day, however much to the horror of his student Tsukune was only able to last 30 seconds before being defeated, A feat that Moka states is extremely impressive considering Issa is probably one of the most powerful if not the most powerful monster left in existence (Kokoa states that he is equal to, if not stronger than the "Three Dark Lords").

Ageha KuronoEdit

Kurumo's mother, also a succubus, and despite her age, she is still a rather perverted older woman and looks good, almost to the point that you would't think that she is old enough to be a mother. Tsukune has noticed that she has rather large breasts and has gotten nosebleeds when coming into contact with them.

Tsurara ShirayukiEdit

Mizore's mother, also a ice women, she as all of the female characters have a fixation on Tsukune. With being an ice women she truly believes that true love belongs in ice, this is seen when she tells Mizore that the only way she could truly have Tsukune's love is if she would freeze, and keep him forever. Also rival to former classmate Ageha Kurono, Kurumu's mother.

Mr. ShirayukiEdit

In the Anime he has no dialogue and, when trying to assist Tsukune and Kokoa in a snowstorm, was mistaken for attacking the two, prompting Tsukune to insult him before fleeing. Afterwards, Tsurara explains that he is Mizore's father and was only trying to help them escape the snowstorm.