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Tsukune Aono
Kana 青野 月音
Romaji Aono Tsukune
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Game Rosario + Vampire: Tanabata's Miss Yokai Academy
Birthday June 22
Gender Male
Age 18
Status Alive
Race Human (formerly)
Modified Human (formerly)
Vampiric Ghoul (formerly)
Shinso Vampire
Hair Color Brown (formerly)
Black/Grey (Modified) (formerly)
Silver (Transformed)
Light Brown
Eye Color Brown (formerly)
Light Brown/Blue (Modified) (formerly)
Red (Transformed)
Light Red
Technique Muei-Tou
Equipment Holy Lock (formerly)
Martial Arts
Personal Status
Relatives Moka Akashiya (Fiancée)
Kasumi Aono (Mother)
Kōji Aono (Father)
Kyōko Aono (Cousin)
Affiliations Newspaper Club
Huang Family
Shuzen Family
Yōkai Academy
Class 3rd year Yōkai Academy
Voice Actor Daisuke Kishio (Japanese)
Todd Haberkorn (English)
Tsukune Aono (or "Tsuki" to his cousin Kyōko) is a former Human and the main protagonist of the series. Tsukune is mistakenly enrolled in an academy for monsters, where he meets Moka Akashiya, a vampiress who takes an interest in him and the sweet flavor of his blood. Despite liking Moka, Tsukune soon encounters Kurumu KuronoYukari SendoRuby Tōjō, and Mizore Shirayuki, all of whom develop feelings for him and become his closest friends.

Despite his unwanted harem, Tsukune also has a few male friends and acquaintances he met during his time at the academy: Ginei MoriokaFang Fang Huang, and Hokuto Kaneshiro. Tsukune is a loyal friend, member of the school Newspaper Club and the only human to reside in Yōkai Academy, although few really seem to notice.

Tsukune is later injected with Moka's vampire blood transforming into a Ghoul and undergoes several major bodily changes, including the Human Modification Ritual, emerging as a Modified Human and possessing both yōjutsu and vampiric powers. Later on, Tsukune finally gains full control over his vampiric powers and becomes a Shinso Vampire.

Tsukune becomes the successor to the former Headmaster, Tenmei Mikogami thus leaving Tsukune in becoming the next Headmaster in the future.


Originally as a human, Tsukune's typical appearance was that of an average human teenager. He possessed brown hair, brown eyes and was usually seen wearing the Yōkai Academy's standard green uniform. When he transformed into a vampire through Moka's blood, Tsukune's eyes turn red with cat-like pupils, while his hair color becomes lighter and his overall body characteristics become sharper. After permanently gaining the powers of a vampire he also permanently gained these characteristics.

His ghoul transformation is similar to his vampire form, with the addition of several black vein-like patterns on the right side of his neck and face. In his second  transformation, Tsukune's body becomes clad in an armor-like appearance, a bulky jet black monster with white hair and large bat wings, while his irises and pupils completely disappear.

When he finally learned how to control his power, via being lectured and having energy transferred through a magic circle by Akua, Yukari, Kurumu, Mizore, San, Fang Fang, Rubi, and Kokoa, he emerges as a Shinso vampire; with silver hair, red eyes with cat-like pupils, fully developed fangs capable of blood transfusion, additionally Tsukune can use the "Creation" ability to alter his appearance, in his case he can generate a jet black steel suit of armor that covers his entire upper body and the sides of his face along with plated armor and shoulder pauldrons, while at the same time he can use the "Wealth of Power" ability to grow large bat-like wings protruding from his upper back.

After becoming a "Modified-Human", Tsukune gains some additional physical changes, such as having black/grey hair and heterochromia, his left eye is light brown, while his right eye is blue, with glowing circuit markings appearing on his arms whenever he's using yōjutsu techniques.

Upon becoming a "Shinso-Vampire" his normal form becomes similar to his vampire form, Tsukune's hair becoming light brown and his eyes light red.

Many of the wounds he gained in battle prior to his transformation have left numerous scars on his body, the most notable of which is the large X-Shaped scar across his chest, which he gained during with his second confrontation with Saizo and his men.


Tsukune is a gentle person. Although there have been many instances where he has been put into dangerous, life-threatening situations, he rarely holds a grudge against anyone. Tsukune's selflessness and courage come to the foreground whenever he or someone from his group of friends is faced with the possibility of injury, or even death. This ultimately led to him gaining the affection of Moka, Kurumu, Mizore, Ruby and Yukari. However, he has been shown to be quite ruthless in combat, threatening to kill Kuyō during their rematch. This is probably a result of the violent tendencies inherent in his vampire blood.

As Tsukune's opponents become more and more powerful during Season II, Tsukune eventually opts to train to become more adept at controlling his vampiric powers and even undergoes a dangerous body modification ritual, all for the sake of protecting Moka.

Right from the start of the story, Tsukune was immediately attracted to Outer Moka, with his feelings for her developing into love as the story progresses. In as early as Chapter 1 of manga, Tsukune says to Moka that he likes her. Tsukune blushes around Moka and often thinks (or fantasizes) about being with her and is very protective of her. There are numerous instances in the manga where Tsukune takes a damaging blow for Moka, in order to protect her. In Chapter 11, although he does not want to be a vampire at first, Tsukune says that he is willing to become one as long as he can protect Moka.

The manga also shows that Tsukune is also developing feelings for Inner Moka. In Chapter 16 of Season II, Tsukune had a dream of sleeping with Inner Moka, which he can't believe he had himself. Ever since after that dream, Tsukune starts to develop feelings for Inner Moka as well. However, according to Tsukune, he cares for both of them the same way and hopes that one day, Inner and Outer Moka can become one person.

During the Memory Arc, Tsukune found out that Outer Moka is a fake personality and was unable to cope with it, leading him to become severely depressed and trapped within the seal. However, after seeing one of Moka's memories after she was sealed, he confessed that he understood the pain and depression she went through and also said that he went through the same feelings. Tsukune said that ever since he met her he felt very happy and that he wished to stay by her side forever.

Tsukune's infatuation with the kindhearted Moka often results in him letting his guard down, long enough for her to bite him on the neck and ingest his blood. While it saps him of energy for nearly the rest of the school day during the first few times, after subsequent times, it feels like more of a playful, affectionate gesture from her (in the anime, this is personified to the viewer as a kiss). A running gag in both the manga and the anime is whenever Tsukune and Moka are about to kiss, Moka would always end up biting his neck and sucking his blood, instead of actually kissing him. There are times, however, when Moka really wanted Tsukune to kiss her, but usually those tender moments are interrupted by Kurumu, Mizore, or Yukari. Tsukune has also showed slight perversion, such as in season 2 episode 5 when he was thinking about Moka cooking, he had a fantasy of Moka wearing only an apron when offering him a table of her food. However, due to the anime being vastly different from the manga, this may not be canonical. But as stated earlier, the manga (which is canonical) depicts Tsukune having a dream of sleeping with Inner Moka (Chapter 16, Rosario Vampire II).

Even after becoming a Vampire, Tsukune can still feel pressured by significant people, such as Moka's father Issa Shuzen. Despite his endeavor to be polite, civil, and tactful; Tsukune still felt as though every little remark he made was taken personally by Issa, though his later actions suggested Issa was just having fun messing with Tsukune's head.


  • Holy Lock (also known as "Spirit Lock") (formerly): After becoming a Ghoul due to repeated infusions of Moka's vampire blood, Tsukune was given the Holy Lock, in order to retain his humanity by suppressing his vampire blood. When in a desperate situation, the lock would occasionally crack and briefly unleash Tsukune's vampiric powers unwittingly due to the fact that it was unable to fully contain them. As time passed, he began to gain both awareness and control over his actions when these accidental releases occurred and on more than one occasion managed to unleash them on his own. After training under Ruby, Tsukune gained some level of refined control over his yōki, succeeding in releasing his power without causing the lock to crack. After his human body modification and training under Touhou Fuhai, Tsukune learned to controllably release the Holy Lock's seals to better access his power. After choosing to become a true vampire, Tsukune removes the Holy Lock and is ultimately destroyed in order to revive Moka using blood transfusion through his now fully developed fangs. Later on, Alucard reveals to Tsukune that the true purpose of the Holy Lock is to adapt the body to the power thats sealed off while suppressing the side effects. In other words, it's a tool used to safely turn a human into a monster.
    • Unlock First Seal: After training under Touhou Fuhai, Tsukune learned how to release the first seal of the holy lock which restrains his vampire blood and its powers. Releasing this seal causes him to transform into his vampire state and increases his powers by proportion. However, excess use of it can cause Tsukune to start changing into his ghoul form.
    • Unlock Second Seal: After releasing the First Seal of the Holy Lock, Tsukune is able to unlock the Second Seal, in order to unleash more of his powers should the need arise. However, it also causes him to partially shift to his second ghoul form and has a damaging effect on his body, due to Tsukune exceeding the amount of power he can control.
  • Belmont (formerly): When Tsukune first started training to use his vampire powers, due to him not having any experience in manipulating his Yoki he was loaned Belmont by Tenmei Mikogami. This legendary whip once belonged to a monster hunter in the past can cancel out magic such his holy lock and Moka's Rosary. By having his holy lock connected to something such as Ruby the excess energy can be transferred to her when he releases it by using belmont's magic cancellation property thus allowing him to utilize his powers without having it consume him. Though after his training in Yoki Detection by Moka he never used this whip again.


  • "Moka-san"
  • "Kyō"
  • (To Outer Moka) "S... surely... I'm a... weak... worthless guy... Moka-san, but I realized, it wasn't right running back home and parting with you like that... because I, want to be your friend Moka-san, even if you are a vampire, I like you Moka-san."
  • (To Inner Moka) That's why one day... regardless of Inner or Outer, I hope that the two of you become one. For me, both of you are just as important.
  • (To Outer Moka) "Moka-san, I always thought that you were someone who was kind and constantly smiling. Yet you're... Moka-san... It's the same for me too. Ever since I first met you, I liked you. And I want to stay by your side... Stay by your side forever and ever.
  • (To Touhou Fuhai) "Even so... I need to become stronger. Even if I can just ;earn to block the Jigentou that slices through everything, even if I can just become a shield for everyone... I beg of you! Please give me the strength to protect Moka...!"
  • (To Kurumu) "It-It'll be fine Kurumu-chan! I mean... my body is tough right!? And I also have vampire blood flowing through me that I got from Moka-san! And since we share the same blood... I can somehow feel it even though we're separated... Moka-san is feeling insecure right now. She's aloe, surrounded by enemies. She's scared and worried. I bet she's shaking like a small child... I need to hurry up and go to her side, and be their to comfort her."
  • (To Kuyō) Out of my way, Kuyō. Or I'll kill you...
  • (To Inner Moka) Don't say that protecting is the only thing you have left. Don't take it upon yourself to do everything. All this time, I've been chasing and chasing... and finally, I've come this far. This time, it's my turn to protect you.
  • (To Inner Moka) Come on, Moka-san. Please don't make me out to be some pitiful soul... well, I admit I'm scared... but... I know I won't regret what happens from now on.
  • (To Inner Moka) Hey... Moka-san, if I'm able to hear your voice in my final moment, do you think you can tell me...? Was I able to treasure you? Was I able to protect you with my two hands? Hey... even if it's just a smile and a nod, there's... nothing more I could ask for.
  • (To Outer Moka) Until I met you... I had nothing... every day was as empty as the one before... but you... changed that. You lit up my days, you gave me a reason to live... I love you, Moka-san. I love so, so much... I can't imagine a day without you...
  • (To Akua) Humans, Creatures, Really, I don't care about any of that. Nothing is more important to me, than the one I love. (Referring to Moka)
  • (To Alucard) Our diferences are what let us understand each other. We've worked together to come this far, there are no doubts or regrets anymore. I'll over come this fight, and prove that even we can come to an understanding.
  • (To Mikogami) Resent..? Of course not. I chose this path myself.
  • "I was the one who was thankful... but I didn't get the chance to say it..."
  • "Let's go back, to our Yōkai Academy."
  • (To Issa) I was just hoping vampires and humans could get along better!
  • "Moka-san has changed. That's why I was conflicted. Underneath Moka-san's gentle smile, I saw traces of the person I love. But if they share the same soul, it must mean... and I've noticed another change recently... the tips Moka-san's hair, had began to tinge of pale pink. Like the two souls... had started to become one."


  • The whip used by Tsukune and its name is a reference to the Castlevania series, as the main character's last name is Belmont and uses a whip to fight monsters and vampires
  • His first name Tsukune means "lunar sound", and his last name Aono means "blue field", hence giving a reference to his heterochromia.
  • Tsukune gets a bloody nose whenever he sees breasts. (mostly Kurumu's breasts)". 
  • In the anime, Tsukune didn't become either a ghoul or a vampire; he has, though, been given Moka's blood, causing his eyes to turn red. He was also able to move at much faster speeds than even Moka was able to, though he was a bit confused as to what had happened. In addition to the natural, regenerative properties given to him by the injection, he undergoes similar physical changes, such as brighter hair and red eyes containing slitted pupils, all of which are a super-vampire's signature traits. Unlike Moka, Tsukune does not develop another personality, keeping his consciousness intact, although he did initially have memory issues.
  • When Tsukune first removed Moka's Rosario, he became her destined person.
  • Tsukune's removal of his Holy Lock to save Moka is a good example of how far Tsukune will go for love and his friends.
  • Tsukune is the first person to fully understand Akua's true feelings (as vice versa).
  • According to Alucard, Tsukune is the "trump card" in defeating him. Later on, Mikogami reveals that he had used Tsukune as Alucard pointed out and that they needed him for the final battle, meaning that from the beginning Mikogami was preparing him for that battle and that he was purposely having Tsukune evolve into a Shinso vampire by having him wear the Holy Lock.
  • It could be hinted that after the battle against Fairy Tale and Alucard, Tsukune may have went to go see his parents and cousin explaining them about Yōkai Academy and his transformation becoming a shinso vampire before returning back to the monster realm.   
  • Tsukune is Mikogami's successor becoming the new Headmaster of Yōkai Academy.
  • Despite being liked by most girls, Tsukune only desires to be with Moka as shown on how much she means to him and that he loves her very much.
  • Tsukune gave up both his life and his humanity twice to save Moka. The first time he did it was to save her from Midou, the second was to give her his blood, (Which incidentally, is her blood to begin with. When he said, "My life, and many memories, you were the one that gave me these things originally. So I'm returning them now." he was refering to that fact.)
  • In the epilogue, Tsukune was so conflicted due to the change of Inner Moka, however, Issa told him that Outer Moka still lives inside Inner Moka to which made Tsukune see that the woman he loves still lives and both souls of the two Mokas are becoming one as Tsukune notices the tips of Inner Moka's hair are turning pale pink.
  • Tsukune seems to take Issa's advice and will likely keep all his female friends close and succeed where Issa failed with Akasha, Gyokuro and Akua's mother.
  • Though Tsukune felt being beaten in 30 seconds by Issa Shuzen was bad, he didn't realize with Issa being on par with the 3 Dark Lords and the strongest Vampire remaining, that 30 seconds is a major feat to behold.
  • Now a vampire, it is to be that Tsukune is now a member of the Shuzen Family since Nurari (Bus Driver) hired Issa in becoming Tsukune's trainer.

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