Tsuchigumo also known as a Spider Monster is a species of yōkai in Rosario + Vampire. This monster is the male version of the Jorougumo.


A Tsuchigumo will often look like a spider eight arms spider-like arms and two Human-like legs. At the end of each thin arms is a hand that is identical to Human with the exeption of sharp nails and skinny fingers. In the transformation from the Human form to monster form, the back will burge out and act like an abdomen of a spider. The mouths will also alter into a set of manacing manibles while the face shrivel up a little to fit it.

The chest and the stomach area will become slightly segmented to show each arm joints.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Tsuchigumo have multiple arms that can be used in a conjunction at a rapid pace, though each arms are independent from another. A Tsuchigumo by the name of Kumocchi states that he uses his arms by holding the person with some and cut them in the others with his knife, as he demonstrate to Moka prior to being killed by Tsukune in his Ghoul form.

Known TsuchigumosEdit

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