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Touhou Fuhai
Kana 東方福海
Romaji Fuhai Touhou
Manga Rosario + Vampire II Chapter 029
Birthday Unknown
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Death Self-Destruction
Race Yasha
Hair Color Black hair
Eye Color Unknown
Technique Jigen-Tou
Youjutsu Beam
Touhou Fuhai Style Bakuryuujin
Touhou Fuhai Style Muei Tou
Yoki Enhanced Needles
Human Modification Technique
Equipment Needles
Personal Status
Relatives Fang Fang Huang (Great-Great Grandson)
Ling Ling Huang (Great Great Granddaughter)

Ten Ten Huang (great-granddaughter-In-Law)
Fei-Hong Huang (Great-Grandson)
Tsukune Aono (Disciple)

Affiliations Huang Family
Three Dark Lords
Class S-Class

Touhou Fuhai (東方不敗, Tōhō Fuhai) is the great-great grandfather of Fang Fang Huang and Ling Ling Huang, and one of the Three Dark Lords. Moka Akashiya and the rest of the Newspaper Club travel to China and seek him out so that he may repair the Rosario Cross around Moka's neck. He is also a old friend of Moka's mother Akasha Bloodriver and a self-proclaimed 2D Otaku.

His name literally means "Undefeated of the East" in Japanese and Chinese.



Touhou Fuhai's older form

Touhou Fuhai's true form is that of a younger and taller bishonen version of himself with long black hair. However, he normally keeps himself in the form of a small old man, which aids in suppressing his energy as much as possible to preserve what little life he has left. In his true form he wears a white, bell-sleeved robe with a more decorated black robe beneath. He has black shoes and a tattoo on his chest that appears to be a sun.



In the manga, Touhou Fuhai is said to be the most sensitive out of the three Dark Lords, as well as the easiest to anger compared to the kind Akasha and fairly relaxed Mikogami, and has an attraction to 2D manga, particularly the female characters. Like Gin, he is somewhat a pervert, he was even willing to make a joke about Akua's lack of "womanly development" since seven years ago during the middle of a fight with her. He seems not to tolerate disrespect and insolence well, and said himself that he is very impatient.

He is very insightful, taking notice of the situations he is placed in and responding accordingly without needing much time to think it over, and also fairly manipulative, as he was able to get Inner Moka to cosplay for him with the latter skill. his insight also makes him highly adaptive and a very cunning and tricky opponent for people he's already seen fighting in the past, having seen Issa's techniques over half a century before, he is now perfectly capable of dealing with the Shuzen Head Vampire without much effort, though later "Issa" turned out to be a doppleganger who was much weaker than the real Issa Shuzen. Indeed, immediately after seeing Akua in battle he began formulating ways to defeat her and even taught them to Tsukune within a month, showing that he's as good a teacher as he is a learner.

Abilities and PowersEdit


Touhou Fuhai is known to possess immense knowledge and fighting prowess that when he becomes serious he gains an immense terrifying aura. When he fought Akua Shuzen he was able to go toe to toe with her without using his true power when she herself was. Though he commented that he was impressed by her use in the Jigen-tou (in which he commented that she had mastered it as if it was her own technique) but was still nowhere close to his level of mastery. Touhou Fuhai also possesses an enormous amount of yōkai in which he released a great portion of it when Akua angered him. When Akua said she could defeat him, Touhou Fuhai was greatly angered by her insolence and brought the girl to her knees with his youki alone. Among his vast knowledge in the black arts, Touhou Fuhai possesses the ability called the "Human Modification Technique". In which the ability is used to forcibly modify the human body to the point that they could be able to use yōkai abilities, however the ability was said to be too dangerous and had a very low success rate. Touhou Fuhai said that the technique is so dangerous that it would kill the person in question if it failed.

Demon ArtsEdit

  • Jigen-Tou: Touhou Fuhai is able to use Jigen-Tou at a higher level than Akua. He can make the Jigen-Tou go farther distances than just at his hand. When attacking the opponent, there is no resistance like Touhou explained. When Touhou uses the Jigen-Tou it can be used at long distances to defeat the opponent. This is the technique Touhou is known for along with his dimensional barriers.
  • Youjutsu Beam: Touhou uses this technique against Issa as during their fight, during which the technique was able to pressure the vampire leader without much effort on the user's side. Touhou was shown to shoot 3 of these beams at the same time and also use it as one huge beam.  It seems to have the same properties as Jigen-Tou as Issa is seen using a technique to block the beams rather than taking on a blow.  Touhou also uses a similar hand motion like he does for Jigen-Tou.
  • Touhou Fuhai Style Bakuryuujin: Touhou taught Tsukune this technique stated when Tsukune says "Touhou Fuhai Style". It is an anti-air youjutsu.
  • Flying Carpet: One of Touhou's demon arts. Enables flight in the sky on a magic carpet.
  • Teleportation: In the battle against Issa Touhou made some sort of portal and attacked Issa from behind.
  • Touhou Fuhai Style Muei Tou: Another technique Touhou taught Tsukune. A defense against Jigen-Tou.
  • Barriers/Dimensions: Touhou is able to create Dimensions/Barriers to protect people. In the chapter where Tsukune transforms into a ghoul Touhou uses a barrier to protect everyone else while fighting Tsukune in the barrier. The barrier has offensive capabilities since Touhou said it was meant to kill whoever went into or went out of the barrier. Kurumu was somehow able to get past the barrier even though he stated that.
  • Yoki Enhanced Needles: Touhou seems to specialize in needles when throwing them offensively or for his human modification technique.
  • Transformation: Touhou is able to transform into his younger form but he insists on not using it because his life force will be shorter. He can use more of his power in this form.
  • Human Modification Technique: This technique is one where Touhou inserts needles into a body and reconstructs it so the body can use yōkai techniques. The chances of the human modification technique working is very low and if it fails the owner of the body being reconstructed will die. The needles work in the way that when inserted it outs threads of energy into the body and these threads of energy sews and reconstruct cells which forms a channel that amplifies the energy which is the source of youjutsu inside the body. The more needles put into the body the more painful the human modification technique will become.


  • Soap Opera: One of Touhou's spells that allows the target to float in midair inside a soap bubble.

Quotes Edit

  • (To Gyokuro) "However, the rosary isn't linked to Alucard. It's linked to the Akasha sleeping inside Alucard. The rosary was originally created by a mother as a means of protecting her daughter on her travels... So that they could still be connected even if their bodies were separate. That this connection would still remain even after the mother's unfortunate end against a monster is the truth behind the rosary."
  • (To Gyokuro) "A mother's love is a mighty thing... She's probably lost all of her senses after fusing with Alucard, yet Akasha still responds to the wishes of the rosary through Alucard's body."
  • "What mother's love would bring her to kill her own daughter?"



  • Tōhōfuhai is the Japanese translation of Dongfang Bubai (东方不败), a fictional character and antagonist in the wuxia novel The Smiling, Proud Wanderer (笑傲江湖)by Jin Yong, who also used needles as his primary weapon, and Touhuo's true form as a long haired bishonen male can lay partial inspiration to Dongfang Bubai's description as "neither a man nor a woman", a eunuch who became enraptured with bringing out his feminine side.
  • Touhou Fuhai's fury over disrespect is very understandable. As has been demonstrated in countless Oriental tales and movies with Chinese/Japanese characters, disrespect or challenging one's honor are taken personal and seriously.
  • Before enlightening Gyokuro and Inner Moka about the truth of Moka's rosario, Touhou Fuhai had defeated Fairy Tale's 2nd subdivision commander, who wasn't actually Issa Shuzen, but a doppelganger (In non-speech bubble talk, he mentioned that the real Issa Shuzen was far more powerful).
  • Tohou Fuhai is very durable despite his age, when Alucard's clone, masquerading as the Masked King, attacked him, despite being bleeding from the strike, he still warned Moka and Tsukune about the threat before them.
  • Touhou Fuhai clearly remembers Alucard's human form very well, as he recognized his clone upon him unveiling his visage, indicating that he never forgot the face of such an evil villain.
  • For the final battle against Alucard, after Tenmei Mikogami reverted to his Kishin form, he bid Touhou Fuhai join his as this place would become their grave. Fuhai then reverted to his true form and stated that he and Mikogami shared an Ill-Fated relationship. (The ill-fated relationship reflected the mini Kishin encyclopedia remark that Kishin and Yaksha served alongside each other, like front line warriors.)
  • When Tsukune and friends first met Touhou Fuhai, they simply seemed flabbergasted at his looks, so he took no offense. As such, while he is sensitive, he doesn't have a hair-trigger temper.
  • After Touhou Fuhai told Tsukune and friends that the Rosario's repairs would keep Moka safe and he gloated about infuriating Akua, Mizore (in the English translation) said "I can't tell if this guy is amazing...or a total dork."

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