The Fan Club Coalition, later known as the Vampire Fan Club, is one of the "clubs" in Yokai Academy; it is comprised of loser male monsters who idolize Moka, Yukari, and Kurumu. The reason the club leaders idolize the girls is because they see themselves as unable to ever get girls of their own; they hate Tsukune because he is always get in their way by around them and because he seems to get girls without really trying. They would be often found glaring at Tsukune in jealousy, and occasionally beat him up. This routine was stopped by the girls when they were trying to stop Tsukune from returning to the Human World, not knowing he was only planning to send his letters. During the process of waiting at the bus stop, Tsukune was beaten by the Club Members. After the girls rescue him, the club merged their monster form to create their "ultimate monster." With the teamwork of Kurumu and Yukari, Inner Moka, who they idolizes her as a goddess, defeated them. After getting beaten by the Inner Moka, they decided to rename the club to the "Vampire Fan Club."


Kozo KasaharaEdit

Rosario youkai 0017
umbrella monster, he often says the word "umbrella" at the end of his sentences in the Japanese version. In his human form, he has orange hair and green eyes. When not wearing his Yokai Academy jacket, he will wear a pink coat that says "Moka is my life", symbolizing his leadership of her fan club. He acts as the leader and almost level-headed person of their group, often coming up with the ideas that they usual go through with. Oddly, his "true form" seems to only be using the megaphone as a cover as his human form can be seen under it.

He has an ability to extend his "umbrella" head and spin at great speed which produces strong winds. It is also notable that he will spray watery fluid as he do so.

Kubasaki NagaiEdit

Rosario youkai 0018
monster with the ability to stretch his body, most often his neck. In the Japanese version, he often ends his sentences with "neckie". His appearance does not change much when he reveals his true monster form, only his neck is elongated; he retains his hair and eye color. When not wearing his Yokai Academy jacket, he is often seen wearing a pink coat that says "Yukari is my life", symbolizing his leadership of her club. He is often seen taking photos for the group as seen when he stalked Yukari and was almost exposed after taking her picture. Due to his obsession with Yukari, he can be seen as a lilicon pervert.

In his monster form, his neck can tightly wrap around an object like a constrictor snake, and is just as flexible.

Bosaburo TairaEdit

Rosario youkai 0019
featureless blob monster, Bosaburo can suck objects into himself and withstand even Kurumu's sharp nails. In his human form, he has brown eyes and a mouth; he retains his blonde hair. He often ends his sentences with "blob" in the Japanese version. When not wearing his Yokai Academy jacket, he is often seen wearing a pink coat that says "Kurumu is my life" on it, symbolizing his leadership of her club. He regularly stalks Kurumu, following her wherever she goes, even waiting outside the restroom for her. In his monster form, he lost his eyes and mouth and his chest and stomach, which is now a mouth-like organ, can excrete saliva-like fluid.


Season OneEdit

They are introduced a month after Tsukune arrived at Yokai Academy, having become fed up with how chummy he has gotten with their "goddesses". They then proceed to pummel Tsukune with megaphones, noticing that he was a real weakling. They are then chased away by Yukari, Moka and Kurumu, who they are momentarily love-sick about. That night, they decide to get rid of him to try getting the girls for themselves. In the meantime, they stalk their idols or take pictures of them, weirding them out and earn more scorn. When Tsukune is waiting for the Bus Driver to arrive so he could send his letters, they attack him in their true forms, but are quickly lead into a fight with Inner Moka, Kurumu and Yukari - who thought Tsukune was leaving school, thanks for Moka's misconception -, which lead to them promising to stay away and founding the "Vampire Fan Club".

They are later stalked in submission by Mizore to give up information on the Security Committee. However, they are captured and pummeled by Kuyo's henchmen and partial reveal Tsukune's human identity. They are later seen still in the Committee's clutches when Tsukune admits to being human.

Season TwoEdit

They only make a cameo in the final episode, dancing in a march line with Saizo while the theme song plays.

Also Kubisaku makes a cameo during Yukari's song when he was crying after seeing the girl he had loved grow up.


  • They are anime exclusive characters as well as their so-called club.

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