Tamanori Sendo
Name: Tamanori Sendo
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Race: Witch
Relatives: Fujiko Sendo (Wife)
Yukari Sendo (Daughter)
Weapon: Magic Wand
Voice: None
Techniques: {{{Techniques}}}

Tamanori Sendo is the husband of Fujiko Sendo and the father of Yukari Sendo. Like his wife, he is also mute.


Tamanori appears to be a middle-aged man with ear-length, light-colored hair and dark glasses. He has a fabulous moustache. He wears a collared white shirt underneath a long-sleeved sweater as well as a pair of light-colored pants. In his introduction, he is also seen carrying what appears to be a Magic Book.


Year One: ANTI-THESIS ArcEdit

Tamanori first appears during Yokai Academy's School Festival with his wife and daughter, who had planned to introduce them to Moka. When Moka left, he and his wife are seen meeting Kurumu.


Year TwoEdit

Tamanori appears at the Yokai Academy's Parents Day with his wife and daughter to meet Tsukune but were interupted by Ruby who is happy to meet her fellow witches.

Later, he and his family helps Tsukune get to Issa's castle for in order for Tsukune to get back Moka's rosario.

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