Talking Book is an ability that Ruby Toujo possesses.


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By using her talismans as intermediaries, Ruby can summon whenever she wants and in whatever quantity that she wants. She first used this ability in her battle against Raika, where she summoned an extremely large quantity of crows to fight him.

When Raika destroyed them, Ruby used Chain Magic to transform the talismans into another recipe in the book; aluminum powder. This proved useful as, when Raika channeled his lightning into it, it caused a dust explosion.

Based on the number of pages in the book, there are sure to be many more uses to this ability that Ruby has yet to demonstrate. This is confirmed when Ruby herself admits Talking Book has an unlimited number of possible uses, though "it isn't good for fighting one-on-one battles".


As a young witch growing up alone, Ruby used her magic to try and create "friends" for herself. At first, all she could make were small rocks and bits of clay. As she got older, this transitioned into making bugs and plants.

Even so, Ruby recorded the results of her various attempts. Of her success, the "recipe" was recorded into the form of talismans. Eventually, the recipes started to pile up and Lady Oyakata compounded them all into a single magic book.

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