Succubi are one of the many species of Yokai that can be found in the Rosario + Vampire universe.

Bite Size Monster Dictionary:Edit

A monster of the night known since the middle ages. The female version of an Incubus, it appears in the dreams of sleeping men to seduce them.

  • A Succubus's true form
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A Succubus's true appearance isn't very different from the appearance of a Human. The only factors that set them apart are the growth of long nails, bat-like wings, thin and long grey tails, and gaining pointed ears.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

The following list is a list of all known powers and abilities that Succubi are known to possess.

  • Flight: With their wings, Succubi can take to the skies and fly. They can even carry other people, though carrying more than one person will greatly tire them out.
  • Enchanted Kiss: A succubus's kiss is known for having unique properties, in the manga Inner Moka stated their kiss can enslave their chosen target to their whims forever. While in the anime she said it steadily drains away their life-force killing them slowly with repeated use.
  • Enhanced Strength: Succubi have been shown to be able to cut apart trees as if they were butter with their claws, suggesting that they have great strength.
  • Charm (or Allure): By looking into a man's eyes, Succubi have the power to take control of that man and then control him as if he were a marionette. According to Kurumu, a Succubus with the power of illusions can easily Charm an entire crowd of men.
  • Illusions: Powerful Succubi can gain the ability to cast powerful illusions, which seem to possess some physical effect.
  • Mind Entering: Succubi have the ability to enter another person's dream with their tails. To do this, the end of their tail opens like a flower which they then put on the intended target's head before entering the person's mind.

Succubi are "creatures of love" and, as such, gain power from their loved ones and their "Mate of Destiny". If they are not loved by their Mate of Destiny, the Succubus will eventually die. It is implied that there is a scale of "experience" which rates a Succubus's power. This is remarked upon when Inner Moka is amazed at Kurumu's first display of illusions, as only very powerful Succubi are supposed to have that ability.

Known SuccubiEdit


  • According to Kurumu, the Succubi are on the brink of extinction.
  • Seeing as how Succubi live thanks to their Mate of Fate's love, their emotional flare-ups could be due to their Mate's own emotions, shown or hidden.
  • If a Succubus is not loved, they will die; one who pursues a man they've chosen as a Mate of Fate, but is not loved by them, is basically committing a slow suicide.
  • At a certain level of experience, Succubi gain the ability to fire laser beams from their chests. This technique is only demonstrated in the anime, however.
  • U.S. Manga indicates that illusions are displayed by "powerful succubi", not "experienced" ones. Also, they indicate that rage can draw out latent powers. Truly powerful succubi can even kill with illusions.
  • In the anime, when a man is turned in a love slave, the succubus will continue to drain the life out of him until he eventually dies, though there is no reference to this fact in the Manga

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