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A mythical half-man half-bird creature from ancient Greece that lived by the sea. Originally referred to as a god that singing voice had the power to disrupt the minds of those that listen to it. In fact this creature is the root word of the English word "Siren."

  • Otonashi Sun, a Siren

Appearance Edit

The appearance of a Siren varies depending on the individual, but they generally appear as dominantly Human in form, unless in their two monster states. In their monster form, a Siren appears as a Human with large white wings, giving them the appearance of an angel. Another feature, at least seen in a male of the species, are double-jointed legs, with the legs below the first joint being very bird-like, albeit noticeably rough and jagged.

A female of the species may or may not possess this feature, though it's possible the appearance of San Otonashi when she fought Kanade Kamiya may have more to do with her preference, as not to overly disturb her mother figure, Marin.

In addition to their semi-human base-line form, a Siren is also possesses an unnamed advanced form, which is a type of 'power-amplifier', not all that dissimilar in purpose and function to the advanced form of another monster, the Japanese Yōko and its "Battle Form." The advanced form of a Siren takes appears as a kind of muscular, armored, hulking reptilian creature with powerful jaws, large sacs around the throat, and a number of attendant vent structures. The wings are curved upwards, and appear smaller due to the enlarged state of the Siren's body.

Whether or not this is an ability possessed by both genders of the species is unknown, though it could be a trait unique to the males of the species, since only Kanade Kamiya was seen using it. The downside to this transformation is the destruction of upper body garb.

Powers & Abilities Edit

The power of these legendary monsters is their voice, which is utilized as a mesmerizing, hypnotic song that can easily take control of a Human, as well as swiftly engender their deaths as well. This singing ability can also be converted into an immensely powerful sonic attack that can wreck devastation on its victims and cause formidable kinetic damage, such as pulverizing rock, concrete, and other solid objects, as well as shatter glass.

This power can even affect other monsters, and bring about considerable injury and death to low-class and mid-classs monsters very quickly. This attack is also accompanied by a very strong release of Yōki, and is the Siren's principle weapon.

Whether or not Sirens possess generalized combat abilities aside from their voice is unknown, though in the case of Kanade Kamiya, there is at least the ability to harden their feathers and launch them at high speed as steel-hard piercing weapons. They also possess a formidable aptitude for magic, which can be readily combined with their traditional sonic offensive techniques. In the context of their Yōkai energy, it is known that a Siren can possess tremendous power, to the point of needing the use of a 'power limiter' in order to function normally in daily life, as seen in the case of Sun Otonashi, though she may be an exception to the species rather than being typical.

Where this places the Siren species as a whole in the power-ranking of all monsters is unknown, but their sheer power and inherent potential likely place them as being high-class monsters, though it is unknown if they are included in the S-Class category, though it is possible that they exist at the boundary immediately beneath it.

  • Voice Amplification Form

An ability displayed by Kanade Kamiya after receiving a direct hit from a Vampire blood-powered Tsukune, this form serves the function of condensing and boosting the power of the Siren's sonic attacks, rendering them strong enough to readily cleave through solid matter such as concrete, rock, dirt, etc. as well as rendering their physiologically-degrading attributes quite likely immediately lethal to all but the strongest opponents. The potency of a sonic attack issued forth in this form has been likened to being as forceful as an explosion triggered in by a small electrical spark, showing the raw destructive potential of a sonic attack when fired in this form.

  • Sword Feather

Another technique employed by Kamiya against Tsukune, this attack results in the wing feathers becoming incredible stiff and hard, likely to the point of being as strong as steel. They also become razor-sharp, and are launched at high speed, swiftly piercing the flesh of their opponent and inflicting considerable injury. This ability likely exists as a back-up attack in the event of the traditional sonic attacks being neutralized or avoided.

Known SirensEdit


  • It is shown that the lethal voice of a Siren can be recorded and play back with the same lethal effects, as shown when Tsubaki Rokurou recorded Kanade Kamiya's voice on his iPod and playing it will cause death on Humans and temporary blindness to monsters, like Gin - who was forced to listen to the song.
  • Sirens have circular markings on their tongues, as seen with close ups of San and Kamiya. These patterns may what give sirens the ability to use their voices as weapons.
    • When a Siren sings, a glow can be seen in the back of their throat (likely from the vocal cords).
  • A Siren is pretty much defenseless if they are susceptible to colds and laryngetis, which both affect the throat.
    • Its also likely that if a Siren burnt their tongue on spicy food, it would affect their singing.
  • When used offensively, the soundwaves of a Siren's voice appear as pulsating rings.
  • In original monster mythology, Sirens were originally exclusively half-woman, half-bird and water-based monsters, even the English word "Siren" sounds more feminine than anything, including unisex, very akin to "Harpy" which "harpy" is exclusively female and has the head of a human woman and body of a bird, the word 'harpy' obviously sounding more feminine than unisex.