Pink/Silver Moka, orange-haired Kokoa, black-haired Akua, blond Kahlua and silver-haired Issa (Issa having black hair in the manga).

The Shuzen Family (朱染家, Shuzen-ka) is the strongest and most powerful Vampire family in the known world of Rosario + Vampire. Many around the world fear the name of Shuzen, while vampires from across Japan gather together at the Shuzen Family estate. Mostly all vampires in the country of Japan that are guests and ones that drop by once in a while at the family household are related to the Shuzen Family.

The main members, not counting Akasha Bloodriver as a biological member, except to Moka; are a number of seven members: Issa Shuzen, Kokoa Shuzen, Kahlua Shuzen, Akua Shuzen, Moka Akashiya, Gyokuro Shuzen and Akasha Bloodriver. Indefinite members are the Shinso Vampire, Alucard, and the vampire Jasmine, through Akua. Alucard, is the First Ancestor vampire, meaning the first ever vampire created into existence of the world between humans and monsters, and is the original Dracula. He is not only the first Dracula, but Alucard is also the biological grandfather of Akua Shuzen.


The Four Daughters of Issa ShuzenEdit

  1. Akua Shuzen, oldest daughter.
  2. Kahlua Shuzen, older middle daughter.
  3. Moka Akashiya, younger middle daughter and Tsukune's girlfriend/future wife.
  4. Kokoa Shuzen, youngest daughter.




  • The original vampires of the Shuzen Family have died when Gyokuro turned them all into mindless Ghouls. Sometime after, Issa has been running all over Japan trying to rebuild the Shuzen Family by doing various jobs like assassination and gathering new members.

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