Moka kururmu
Manga Volume 07: Exorcist

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Charcter Cover Featuring: Moka Akashiya and Kurumu Kurono

J - Volume 07 - ISBN 4-08-874270-2, Release date: 4 October 2006

E - Volume 07 - ISBN 978-1-4215-1909-8, Release date: 2 June 2009


The hypnotized Moka tries to attack Tsukune but is stopped by Kurumu. Mako expresses her frustration by injecting others at the infirmary who rise to attack Tsukune. She injects Moka again but Moka is able to transform to Inner Moka thanks to Tsukune and defeats her. After noticing that Moka has been avoiding Tsukune, Kurumu confronts her about it, but they have to deal with Kiriya Yoshi and his two summoned cyclops. Tsukune begins to act a bit aggressive towards Moka because of his lust for her blood, but tries to hold back. After Moka faints and rests in the infirmary, Tsukune encounters and must fight Hyakushiki, a centipede monster that wants to eat him. After a graffiti demon threatens the school and assigns the blame to the Newspaper Club, Tsukune is called to the office where he is informed about a new antagonist group called the Anti-Schoolers and he is on the verge of being expelled.