Manga Volume 06: Ghouls

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J - Volume 06 - ISBN 4-08-874116-1, Release date: 2 June 2006

E - Volume 06 - ISBN 978-1-4215-1908-1, Release date: 10 March 2009


Mido of the monstrels kidnaps Moka and challenges Tsukune to fight him. Tsukune frees the rosario from Moka, who tells him he needs to leave the monster world if he wants to stay human. Mido fights Moka, but releases a shower of water to exploit her weakness; Tsukune gets Moka to infuse him one more time; he defeats Mido but gets out of control as a ghoul. Moka tries to stop Tsukune by killing him, but Ruby intervenes. Tsukune's vampire powers are bound with a spirit lock by an exorcist. While Tsukune recovers in the hospital, Mako "The Cleaner" Yakumaru executes Mido for failing his mission, and injects Moka with a hypnotic fluid.