Manga Volume 03: Trolls

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Character Cover Featuring: Moka Akashiya

J - Volume 03 - ISBN 4-08-873823-3, Release date: 3 June 2005

E - Volume 03 - ISBN 978-1-4215-1905-0 , Release date: 7 October 2008


The Security Committee, led by Kuyo arrest Tsukune amid allegations that he is actually a human. Moka goes to his defense, but Kuyo wants Tsukune to either admit guilt or fight him. The News Club, including Gin, arrive, but Kuyo transforms to a yōko (a fox demon) and fends them off and beats on Tsukune. Moka bites Tsukune and infuses him with her blood, which gives Tsukune vampire-like strength, and he defeats Kuyo. Afterwards, Chopper Rikishi challenges Tsukune, but he is back to being a human. Chopper transforms into a troll, so Moka infuses Tsukune once more. Tsukune gets tutored by math teacher Ririko Kagome, who is intent on separating him from Moka, but he begins to lose his emotions.

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