Rosario + Vampire II Volume 13:

Previous Volume: 12

Next Volume: 14

Character Cover Featuring: Kiria Yoshii and Hokuto Kaneshiro

J - Volume 13 - ISBN 978-4-08-870812-6 Release date: 4 September 2013

E - Volume 13 - ISBN 978-1-42-156949-9 Release Date US 5 August EU 28 August 2014


Tsukune is resolved that he must defeat Gyokuro, even at the cost of his humanity. Despite her Enemy Zero ability, which allows her to duplicate any kind of attack, Gyokuro is defeated by Tsukune and fuses with Alucard in an attempt to become stronger. Gyokuro then reveals that she has set the Hanging Garden on course to crash into the human world. When she attempts to kill Moka, Gyokuro finds herself frozen and unable to act. Tohofuhai reveals that the rosario links to Akasha's essence within Alucard and that a mother protects her daughter. Moka retrieves her rosario from Gyokuro, who is then consumed by Alucard. In her battle against Koko, Kahlua removes her second limiter to become malleable as liquid, but a Black-and-White Duet attack by Kurumu and Mizore using Holy Water freezes her powers, allowing Koko to fatally stab her. Kahlua reveals her and Gyokuro's motivations and asks for forgiveness. Bus Driver stops the Hanging Garden from falling, and Outer Moka is restored. The Masked King appears and reveals himself to be Miyabi and a clone of Alucard. He also reveals that Aqua had a best friend, Jasmine, also a vampire, who was killed by humans and whose death sparked Aqua's hatred of humanity. As a result, Aqua allied with him since they shared a common goal of eradicating all humans, but she decides to side with Moka. Aqua slices Miyabi to pieces, but he reforms since a clone can't die unless the original Alucard is destroyed. Miyabi summons impaling spikes, piercing Moka in the process, and the Hanging Garden continues its descent into the human world.

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