RV chapter 58

Rosario + Vampire II Chapter 58

Title: Rock 'n' Roll Part 2

Date: 11/04/2012

Volume 12

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Kahlua fights with Kokoa, and Kokoa seems to be holding her own well. Then, Gyokuro shows up, demanding that Kahlua finishes Kokoa off, claiming that Kahlua has had an "education worthy of an emperor" and that she is not allowed to "have a hard time finishing off the likes of Kokoa". Gyokuro claims that Kahlua is in line to become the head of the Shuzen family. She then points to Gin and Haiji, who are having a hard time fighting against "shuffling flock", as Gin calls them. Se then points out Touhou Fuhai and Ling-Ling, who are fighting against Issa Shuzen . Issa comments, saying that Touhou's "final moments are approaching". Touhou then states that he believes Issa "is nothing more than an empty sheel". Touhou then attacks Issa. Gin and Haiji then transform into their full monster forms. Using their powers, they beat the Shuzen Vampires fairly easily. Their actions cause Gyokuro to panic. However, after the Shuzen Vampires are defeated, the become horrible monster-like beings, and one severly wounds Gin. Gyokuro then states that they were once Vampires, but now they are "a little special". The chapter ends with her saying "Allow me to introduce you to my adorable creatures".



  • This is one of the few chapters were neither Moka or Tskune appear in a single panel
  • This is the chapter were haiji's monster form is fully revealed

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Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Has Issa really become a shell of what he once was? If so, how did Gyokuro manage it? - Question Answered in Chapter 64, as the Issa that was being fought by Touhou was not the real Issa, and was merely a doppelganger.

Memorable MomentsEdit

  • Gin and Haiji use their powers to their advantage to easily defeat the Shuzen Vampires
  • The Shuzen Vampires become horrible creatures


Gyokuro: You're not in a position to be allowed to have a hard time with the likes of Kokoa

Issa: The years have not been kind to you, Touhou Fuhai

Touhou: Where did the spirit that could shake heavens go? What is a man of your stature doing as Gyokuro's lackey?

Gin: Well now, shall we begin?