Rosario + Vampire II Manga Chapter 055

Title- Versus Jigen-Tou

Date- 08/07/2012

Volume 12

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Akua Shuzen fights Tsukune, who reveals a Youjutsu that was designed to nullify the Hougestu Jigen-Tou. Ruby is knocked out after looking for Mizore and Kurumu. Moka enters the battle against Akua. Ruby wakes up to find herself being healed by a summon but at first thinks it's going to eat her. Yukari, Fong-Fong, Kurumu, and Mizore are all revealed to be alive. Fong-Fong reveals that they would've died had it not been for Hokuto. Akua gets past Tsukune's efforts to halt her attack, calling his battle form too rough. Akua tries to attack him in his blind spot, only for Moka to kick her away. After a sister's argument with Akua in Chinese, Moka and Tsukune fight back to back, unaware that Gyokuro and Kalua Shuzen are watching nearby.

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  • Ling-Ling Huang has been revealed to only use 16 repitions per second for her Jigen-Tou, well below the 100 repitions that the technique is said to use.

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  • Why did Hokuto save Fong-Fong and Yukari?

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Tsukune percieves that in spite of Akua's reputation as Fairy Tale's best fighter, she's a sad little girl deep within.