Rosario + Vampire II Manga Chapter 054

Title- Place He Arrived At

Date- 06/06/2012

Volume 12

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Inner Moka awakens and attacks Akua, which only hastens the awakening of Alucard. Akua tries to convince Moka that the others and Tsukune have been using her. Alucard breaks through the Floating Garden, where Akua goes after Tsukune to force Moka to break the seal. Moka thinks that she'll protect everyone before Tsukune catches her and says that, this time, he would protect her. Moka breaks down crying at Tsukune's vow to protect her. Akua gets angry that Moka opened her heart to "That Man".

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  • Inner Moka cries in Tsukune's arms when he says he wants to be the one protecting her.