Title- Transformation

Date- 04/04/2012



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Volume 11

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Tsukune continues his battle against Kuyou, whereupon Kuyou reveals his Entei Toui. However, before he could put it in use, Tsukune released the first seal on his Holy Lock and defeated him.

A second party recieves a signal and is about to infilitrate Fairy Tale only to realize that they're surrounded.

Mizore and Kurumu find Moka trapped behind an invisble barrier, only for Moka to tell them to run. Kurumu attempts to get through the barrier, only for Akua to emerge from the ground and cut her through the upper torso.



  • Tsukune managed to seriously wound Kuyou before the flames of Kuyou's Entei Toui could burn him, a feat that Kuyou said was "impossible".
  • After Tsukune defeats Kuyou, Ruby remarked she saw something in Tsukune that much more sinister and horrific than Kuyou could ever be.
    • At the end of the fight, a visage of Alucard surrounded Tsukune.

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