A Brand New Season
Chapter Information
Season 2
Volume Monster Fruit
Chapter 1
Arc Return to Yokai Academy
Previous Bonus Chapter: Forecast of Happiness
Next Self Study
Rosario + Vampire II Manga Chapter 001

Title- A Brand-New Season


Volume 01

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Tsukune just got back to Yokai Academy and Mizore, Moka, and Kurumu start to fight over him like always. Moka, Tsukune, Kurumu, Yukari, and Mizore are in the same class. Yukari made a love potion so Moka would express her true feelings so Moka tried to make Tsukune kiss her thigh. As a result Kurumu stepped in and saved him and then she put Tsukune's hand inside her shirt. After that Moka broke the tree they were on, Moka saved Tsukune and Kurumu got hit by the tree. Next, Mizore stepped in and froze Moka's leg, then Mizore said to Tsukune "lets make beautiful snowflakes, you know little snow fairies." Then Moka broke through the ice. Yukari then confessed and said that she made the potion to bring her wish for a threesome closer to being granted. Annoyed at this, Mizore and Kurumu hung Yukari with the rope burning if the rope gave up Yukari would lets just say it will hurt for a while after that Tsukune and Moka were about to kiss than the rosario moved by itself. In annoyance, Tsukune accidentally pulled off the rosario then the narrator said "the rosario seals magic powers so if its removed Moka's true nature and true savagery are released." Then Moka got so mad that she kicked Tsukune then Moka said that the love potion was the only reason she did that then Moka turned back to her self and said she didn't remember anything and she said that she thought she was being a problem then she started drinking Tsukune's blood than Tsukune thought all of that was for his blood than she wanted to drink his blood a lot longer but he said "I am not a food"

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Last year [last volume] Yokai Academy got destroyed by a massive fight vs Tsukune and friends and some one who try to kill Tsukune by reveling his secret that he is a human at a monster high school


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