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New Life and a Vampire
Episode 1 Title Card
Episode Information
Kanji 新生活とバンパイア
Rōmanji Shinseikatsu to Banpaia
Season 1
Episode No. 01
Air date January 3, 2008 (Japan)
Opening None
Ending Cosmic Love
Episode Guide
← None
Succubus and a Vampire

New Life and a Vampire (新生活とバンパイア, Shinseikatsu to Banpaia) is the first episode of Season One and the first overall episode of Rosario + Vampire. It aired on January 3, 2008 in Japan.


Tsukune Aono, a subpar student both academically and physically, is accepted into a mysterious high school. His first day of school is defined by his encounter with Moka Akashiya, a vampire that is enchanted by the scent of his human blood. Having quickly discovered that his new school is a school for monsters that have a mortal intolerance for humans, Tsukune tries to find a way to escape from the school. Upon his attempt to run away from the school, Tsukune has a confrontation with Moka. A fight with a delinquent student named Saizo quickly complicates and endangers Tsukune's life right before he accidentally removes the rosario on Moka's neck. Tsukune learns that Moka's true form has a different personality, which easily defeats Saizo. He faints from his beating given by Saizo and wakes to find normal Moka caring for him. She tries to help him wipe off blood coming from a cut, but ends up sucking his blood.

Long SummaryEdit

Part OneEdit

Tsukune Aono, a really average student academically and physically, failed his Entrance Exams for High School, but has been enrolled in a Private School called Yōkai Academy after his father found a packet of information dropped by a mysterious person (who would later be revealed as Tenmei Mikogami, the Yōkai Academy headmaster). The Bus Driver taking him to Yōkai tells him to be careful as it is a "scary-ass school". Tsukune gets a call from his cousin Kyōko, who starts explaining that she has been doing research on Yōkai Academy, but is cut off when they pass through a tunnel to the school bus stop.Tsukune departs the bus and takes the new scenery in stride (despite most of the trees being dead and the ocean being red). The driver tells Tsukune to watch his back and drives off back into the tunnel. Tsukune begins walking to find the Yōkai Academy dorms, but finds a squeaking sound is following him. Much to his relief, he finds a bat was behind him, but failed to notice a runaway bicycle that rams into his side. He and the rider of the bike collide and tumble away from it.

Regaining his senses, Tsukune reaches out to get himself up, only to find his hand has fallen on the thigh
20 Rosario + Vampire

Meet Moka

of a girl. She apologizes for crashing into him and moves her hair away from her face; she is gorgeous, according Tsukune. Tsukune is smitten by her beauty until he notices his hand is still on her and she does as well. He pulls it away and apologizes, saying he didn't mean to do that. Blood comes out of his nose and the girl offers a handkerchief to wipe it off, but she soon swoons, mumbling about a smell. Tsukune wonders what she is talking about, then notices her hair smells delightful. The girl apologizes, explaining that she is a vampire and bites him on the neck. Realizing what she did, she pulls away, apologizing again. Tsukune wines about being bitten, but finds only lipstick is on his neck instead of a wound. The girl then wonders if he is a student at Yōkai as well and Tsukune tells her he is a Freshman (which she is as well). She then wonders what he thinks of vampires as she fidgets. Tsukune thinks she is just messing around, and says he doesn't mind if she is a vampire. She pounces on him in joy, asking if he'll be her friend. Realizing they are not acquainted yet, she introduces herself as Moka Akashiya. Tsukune introduces himself and they walk off to school.

In homeroom, Tsukune finds his teacher, Shizuka Nekonome, to be very kind, thinking he has lucked out for this school. However, Ms Nekonome goes on to explain to the students that Yōkai is a school solely for monsters as a reminder of the school rules.

Tsukune is confused/horrified to hear this, wondering if she is just kidding. Ms Nekonome then goes on to explain that since humans run the Earth, they, monsters, must learn to perfectly disguise themselves as such and coexistence with humanity. One of the students, Saizo
Rosario youkai 0001

The barrier in Ms Nekonome's explanation

Komiya, says he'd rather eat humans instead of coexisting with them; Tsukune hides his face with his New Students Information book in response. Ms Nekonome chides Saizo for saying such things and goes on to say that all the staff are monsters as well; the school is surrounded by a secret barrier and if a human had even managed to get inside it, they would be put to death. Tsukune is now fearful of his life, but drops his book on the floor, but quickly retrieves it, getting an odd glare from Saizo. Saizo then mentions that he has been smelling the scent of a human (Tsukune) the whole time. Tsukune fearfully flinches at this comment.

Moka introduces herself to the class

However, the conversation is cut off when Moka arrives late in the room. Ms Nekonome tells Moka to introduce herself, which she does. All the boys in the class begin drooling over her. Moka then notices Tsukune in front of the empty desk in the back (which will be her desk) and happily hugs him, expressing joy at being in the same class as him. This act draws shocked gazes from the bulk of the class and an annoyed glare from a girl seated near Tsukune. (identified as Kurumu Kurono in the next episode)

Part TwoEdit

Tsukune and Moka explore the school, while Tsukune ponders in his head about the situation. While Moka earn
Moka Akashiya

Moka, enjoying Tsukune's company

s the interest of the boys, Tsukune earns their hatred for hanging around Moka. They stop at a vending machine just outside to get drinks. They both reach in at the same time; Tsukune apologizes in embarrassment for touching her hand, and is accidentally pushed into a beam by Moka, who finds his behavior silly. They both enjoy their drinks until Saizo arrives and tosses Tsukune into the vending machine, trying to hit on Moka. Moka rejects him and helps Tsukune up. Saizo picks up a can that fell out of the machine with his tongue and crushes it.

On the rooftop, Moka asks Tsukune if he's okay; she thinks it's odd Tsukune has acted like he has never seen a monster before. Moka asks Tsukune what kind of monster he is until remembering the school rules. Tsukune points out that Moka already told him what she is and wonders if she really is a vampire. Moka points to a rosario she is wearing and explains that if it comes off, she'll turn into a powerful and scary vampire. Tsukune tells her that even if she gets scary, he's sure she's the same person. Moka hugs him happily, explaining that he is her first friend and the first person she actually sucked blood from (as she had only had transfusion bags of blood prior), going on about how delicious she found it as it seems she's about to suck his blood again. Tsukune suddenly gets a chill from Moka and says he forgot to do something, running off.

Seeing that he cannot stay at Yōkai Academy, Tsukune gathers his things and prepares to leave. However, Moka catches him and attempts to convince him to stay, mentioning how she hated humans due to spending her childhood in the human world; monsters don't exist to humans, so she felt lonely out of not feeling like she belonged. Tsukune tells her of his true nature, getting mixed reactions from Moka. As Moka is shocked, she asks Tsukune if it's true, to which he shouts for her to stay away from him. Reminding her of her hatred of humans, he retaliates with saying he doesn't need monsters for friends. This angry remark earns a hurt look from Moka, which makes Tsukune express guilt before bolting. Tsukune begins looking freverently for the bus stop, with Moka in pursuit. Saizo has also followed and finds Moka, transforming into his true form (an Orc) as he sees the rules only applying on campus.

Tsukune hears her cry out and runs back to find Saizo trying to get Moka to transform for him. Tsukune tries getting Saizo to leave Moka alone, but is knocked away and down a hill to the bus stop. Saizo looks down at him from the cliff, laughing about how weak Tsukune is.
Rosario youkai 0005

Saizo, gloating

Moka follows after Tsukune, annoying Saizo as they are not done yet.

Moka reaches Tsukune and holds him in her arms, tearfully apologizing for his injuries while explaining that she always wanted a friend, it didn't matter if it was a human or a monster. However, as she sucks human blood, harming them in the process; she thinks a human will never want to be her friend. Tsukune picks himself up and explains that despite being a weakling, he still wants to be friends with her as he really likes her. Saizo comes after them and knocks Tsukune towards Moka, who runs over to him again. Tsukune then reaches up and touches Moka's shoulder, telling her that he still likes her, regardless of the fact she's a vampire, as she cries and is amazed that Tsukune likes her. As his hand falls off her shoulder, he snags her Rosario with one finger and pulls it off. Before she transforms, Moka expresses suprise that the rosary came off. Moka then transforms into her true form, an S-class vampire with silver hair and red eyes; her stare alone is enough to frighten Saizo. As Saizo struggles to compose himself, Moka stretches and makes a few minor jump steps. Saizo begins thinking about how he will be famous if he beat a vampire, but Moka simply yawns and tells him it's time for him to learn his place. With a simple kick, Moka knocks Saizo out. Tsukune sees Moka is different than before, wondering which version is the real her. Moka walks over to Tsukune as he collapses in her arms. Before blacking out, Tsukune notices that Moka's sweet scent is unchanged, which seems to calm him. Moka's own expression softens right before he passes out.

Tsukune wakes up later on Moka's lap to see she is back to normal. Much to his horror, Tsukune sees that the bus will only come once a month to Yōkai. Tsukune then proceeds to voice-over part of a letter he is writing to his parents as Moka wipes blood off a wound of his. However, Moka catches the scent of his blood and bites him again.

New Characters:Edit

Adapted FromEdit


  • There are none; this is the first episode.


(Spoiler Alert)

This is the only episode where Saizo plays an important role in the anime, but he makes a few appearances in future episodes.

Kurumu is seen in this episode, but doesn't have any lines until the next one.

The bus driver seems to know that Tsukune is human.

If you look at the "priest" that dropped the Yōkai Academy pamplet, it is later revealed that he's the school director/principle.

When vampiric Moka yawns, it tallies with the manga's reference that it had been awhile since she'd been out and was still drowsy.

OP + EDEdit

  • Japanese Opening: Cosmic Love
  • Japanese Ending: Dancing in the Velvet Moon

Cultural References:Edit

  • Kogame, the brand of tomato juice which Moka drinks in the episode, is a parody of the real life Japanese company Kagome, which also sells tomato juice drinks.

Unanswered Questions:Edit

  • How did Moka get the blood she needs while in the human world? Did her family provide it for her or did she get it through other means? This was answered when she mentioned that she had been using Tomato Juice and other liquids as substitutes

Memorable MomentsEdit

  • Tsukune meets Moka.
  • Moka learns that Tsukune is a human.
  • Tsukune unleashes the Inner Moka for the first time.
  • Despite his shock at Inner Moka's differences to the Moka he first knew, her unaltered scent calms him as he passes out.


Vampire Moka: "(yawns) It's time for you to know your place!"

(Tsukune to Moka): "I don't need monsters for friends!"

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