Forecast of Happiness
Chapter Information
Season 1
Volume Magic Mirror
Chapter 40
Arc N/A - Bonus chapter
Previous The Promise of a Reunion
Next A Whole New Season
Rosario + Vampire Manga Chapter 040
Title- Forecast of Happiness [Bonus Chapter}

Date- ?

Volume 10

Previous Chapter → 039

Next Chapter → 001


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It is said this chapter happens in Tsukune's early days at Yokai, which brings up when exactly it happens. We see Hokuto and Kiriya, Kuyo and Keito, and Mizore with her hair cut. And Tsukune doesn't have the Holy Lock on his wrist, so that would place this some time between Saizo's attempted revenge and after Kurumu being blackmailed by her stalker.

This is the only time rules for Vampires are mentioned. And one most important for Moka and Tsukune.

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