Teach Me!
Chapter Information
Volume Trolls
Chapter 12
Arc Security Committee arc
Previous Blood
Next Sunflower Hill

Title- Teach Me!


Volume 03

Previous Chapter → 011

Next Chapter → 013


Due to Tsukune's eventful first semester and average intelligence the mathematics semester test is looking pretty grim, so Tsukune asks for Moka's help with studying. Their teacher Ririko Kagome catches them and gets Tsukune to attend her tutoring sessions instead. Tsukune begins behaving strangely after the lessons start so Moka decides to investigate finding that Ririko, a lamia has been injecting math formula directly into Tsukune's mind. Tsukune releases Ura and she defeats Ririko. Tsukune ends up barely passing due to the fact that when Ririko was defeated, the knowledge injected into him vanishes.

Referbacks Edit

Rosario + Vampire Manga Chapter 012


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"easter eggs"

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