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Mother and a Child and a Vampire
Rosario + Vampire Episode 16 Title Card
Episode Information
Kanji 母と子とバンパイア
Rōmanji Haha to Ko to Banpaia
Season 2
Episode No. 03 (16 overall)
Air date October 15, 2008 (Japan)
Opening Discotheque
Ending Trinity Cross
Episode Guide
Little Sister and a Vampire
Body Measurements and a Vampire

Mother and a Child and a Vampire (母と子とバンパイア, Haha to Ko to Banpaia) is the third episode of Season Two and the sixteenth overall episode of Rosario + Vampire. It aired on October 15, 2008 in Japan.


Tsukune arrives to class at Yokai Academy and is informed that it is actually Parents Day. Telling two fellow students that his parents wouldn't attend, they felt his parents really trusted him. Since he did not wish to bring his human parents to a monster school, Tsukune did not inform his parents. Moka expresses delight in wanting to meet his mother, something that prompts Tsukune to have another day dream about her; Moka wishes to cook for his mother instead and he's embarrassing her by gazing at how beautiful she looks. Moka snaps Tsukune out of his daydream and he says it would be a good idea for her to meet his mother.

Later, in class, Moka and Tsukune find Saizo to be more grumpy than usual. He calls Parents Day a waste of time until his parents arrive. He acts like a little kid, calling them Mommy and Daddy; he thought they had gotten into an accident and was worried about them. Tsukune asks Moka if anyone in her family is coming, but she says that neither of her parents came all the previous years, so it's unlikely they will. Moka plans to spend the the day with Kokoa, since she is the only family she has there, but changes her mind when Kokoa bursts in and attacks Tsukune (for no prompted reason) and tells her she doesn't want to see her at all that day; Kokoa doesn't consider Outer Moka to be her sister, unlike Inner Moka.


Kurumu is a saint compared to her mother

As Moka tends to Tsukune's injury, the two share a moment over being lonely, but are interrupted by Mizore, who introduces Tsukune to her mother, Tsurara Shirayuki. She also has the habit of gazing from odd places just like Mizore. Mizore reveals she's been telling her mother that Tsukune is her boyfriend (and that Moka is actually a stalker, very much like Mizore is in reality) and asks Tsukune to play along. The situation gets even more complicated when Kurumu arrives with her mother, Ageha Kurono, and reveals she's been telling her mother that Tsukune is her fiance (and that Moka is a hopeless wannabe lover of his, very much like Kurumu is in reality), and asks Tsukune to play along. Ageha acts very much like her daughter by pressing Tsukune's face to her breasts. She says Kurumu has no "experience", asking Tsukune to help her daughter with that matter. Even Kurumu is shocked by how open her mother is to saying things like that.

Yukari walks in with her parents, but is stopped when Ruby arrives to show parents the classroom (another long story, perhaps?). Ruby then notices Yukari's parents and becomes excited to see adult witches; Her Ladyship was the only adult witch Ruby saw most of her life. Unlike the others, Yukari doesn't cause trouble for Tsukune. Yukari's parents seem calm about Ruby's reaction to their presence. As class begins, Ageha and Tsurara notice each others presence and face-off, revealing there is some kind of tension between them that is not explained at the moment.

After first period, Tsurara and Ageha purposely bump and trip each other on the way out of class while Mizore and Kurumu explain to Tsukune that both their mothers had been pestering them about their love lives and they just lied to get their mothers off their backs. The two girls begin to fight over who gets to keep Tsukune for the day to deceive her mother, but Tsukune insists they tell the truth. After briefly thinking about what their mothers would say if they found out they're single, both girls promptly begin fighting over Tsukune again desperate for him to be their boyfriend or fiancee. (Oh Brother!)


Kurumu seduces Tsukune (at her mother's behest).

During tennis, Kurumu is urged out of class by her mother. Mizore was also urged out of class by her own mother. Ageha aggressively asks Kurumu how far she had gone with Tsukune, only to find out they hadn't even kissed, which Ageha says is the end before a beginning. Ageha badgers Kurumu to save her relationship by seducing him and making love to him. Tsurara tells Mizore to freeze him and then having her way with him. Mizore protests this, saying she'd promised Tsukune she wouldn't do such a thing again. Tsurara instead tells her that this is the true expression of love for a Snow Woman (Yuki-Onna). After tennis, Mizore lures Tsukune into the woods and freezes him but he is promptly rescued by Yukari, who uses a kettle of hot water to thaw him out. Mizore is then chased by it as punishment for her actions. Moka and Kurumu arrive as well. Kurumu grinds against Tsukune and tells him how "worried sick she was" about him before making "feel her heartbeat" (actually making him grope her breast). Kurumu tries to have sex with Tsukune, but she is knocked out by one of Yukari's golden washtub spells. Yukari says she can't turn their backs on Kurumu and Mizore for a second. Both mothers notice their plans to help their daughters have failed before noticing each other, and turning away in disgust.

In the next class, the teacher asks Mizore and Kurumu if they can answer the question he had asked. However, neither of them knows the answer, much to their mothers' disappointment. Later, during Ms. Nekonome's class, Ageha and Tsurara try to get in front of each other repeatedly until they end up right in front of the teacher, making her uncomfortable.


Mizore performs her song for Tsukune.

During music class, both Kurumu and Mizore sing songs to Tsukune professing their love. Mizore's is (ironically) sweet and hopeful, focusing on her hopes to get Tsukune to love her some day (though, she ends up freezing everyone solid by mentioning "snowstorm" over and over in the song); while Kurumu's is fittingly melancholic, focusing on her difficulty in getting Tsukune to like her (though this goes unnoticed by most of the students, since they were still frozen until she hit a high note; in addition, her song moved everyone to tears).

At lunch, both mothers argue over Tsukune's future wedding with their respective daughters (ignoring their daughters' confessions that they both aren't really involved with Tsukune) and eventually start a fight that destroys the cafeteria. During the fight it becomes clear to Tsukune and the girls that Tsurara and Ageha are fighting over him because he resembles a boy that they had fought over during their youth in Yokai Academy. In a flashback, the audience is shown a young Ageha attempting to seduce a boy resembling Tsukune (very much like Kurumu does), named Gonzo, while Tsurara stalks the same boy (very much like Mizore does); but both are turned down by him in favor of a

Tsurura and Ageha have a showdown.

girl who resembled Moka. They both are seen arguing with each other while Gonzo talks with the girl they interrupted his conversation with. This flashback goes to show Tsukune wouldn't be having this much trouble with getting Moka to be his girlfriend if he hadn't befriended his stalker and groupie.

After a collision of Tsurara and Ageha's attacks, the shock wave makes Tsukune accidentally remove Moka's Rosario, releasing Inner Moka. She tells the two mothers that they're too old to be fighting like this, earning their anger as she charges to attack them. However, Tsukune attempts to intervene and accidentally gets kicked into Tsurara and Ageha and he grabs a breast on each of them, dazing the two with arousal and joy. The fight finally ends with Tsukune's face ending up against Tsurara's crotch and his hand groping Ageha's breasts. Both women are then too aroused to fight and in unison tell Tsukune: "If things don't work out with my daughter, how about dating me?".

Mizore and Kurumu look stunned at the swift end of their mothers hostility, while Inner Moka has an expression of anger at the scene. The brawl-battered lunch hall is then swiftly and easily restored by Yukari's parents. Yukari expressed her confidence in her parents abilities, and her parents looked at her with kindly expressions.

As Parents day ends, both mothers apologize to their daughters for using their love life as a means to carry on their feud and both daughters apologize to their mothers for lying to them. Saizou Komiya shows up with his parents

Tsurura and Ageha's former love interest nowadays.

(an adorable chubby couple who'd been briefly introduced earlier in the episode), who tell him to make the Komiya name proud. Hearing Saizo's last name, both mothers realize that the boy they used to be in love with is Saizo's dad (who has apparently put on a lot of weight and gone partially bald). Stunned at Gonzo's lack of appeal, Ageha and Tsurara wobble and crumple. Both ask their daughters not to give up on getting Tsukune; Tsurara threatens Mizore while Ageha begs Kurumu.

Moka asks Tsukune if he would mind if her parents were as crazy as Kurumu and Mizore's but he says that what her parents are like wouldn't change how he fells about her. As they lean in for a kiss, Moka suddenly bites Tsukune's neck and sucks out some of his blood, which surprises Tsukune since she'd already done that at the start of the episode (something he says breaking the fourth wall) and didn't expect it again so soon.

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Adapted FromEdit

Manga Chapter this episode is adapted from.



Ageha Kurono is show to embrace her nature as a Succubus whereas Kurumu restrains herself.

Ageha and Tsurara's rivalry is the exact same as their daughters, trying to get a boy to like them while the boy is attracted to someone else.

Mizore's song it's cute, while Kurumu's is dramatic and depressing, Which are opposites of how they both act normally around Tsukune.

Tsurura has the same kind of refrigerant lollipop that Mizore has, keeping them cool.

Kurumu states she hasn't kissed Tsukune yet, when in fact that all the girls (Including Ruby) kissed him at the end of the first season. (Perhaps not a kiss she thought of as "a proper, loving kiss")

When Inner Moka told Ageha and Tsurara that they were too old to be fighting as they were, she likely meant they were (supposed to be) wise enough to refrain from such petty squabbles, but as most mothers I know, they took it as they were "just plain old". Most mothers I know would take such an insinuation as highly offensive and very personal. 

New CharactersEdit

Cultural ReferencesEdit

"Easter eggs"

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

Memorable MomentsEdit

Both Mizore and Kurumu sing in this Episode.

After Tsurara and Ageha get into a brawl, Mizore and Kurumu try to get their mother to calm down, but with their rivalry in overdrive they knock their own daughters aside to carry on.

Inner Moka tells Tsurara Shirayuki and Ageha Kurono that they're too old to be fighting like they are. Inner Moka likely meant they were grown women and beyond such petty squabbles, but they echoed most mother-of-teenage children in assuming she meant they were just old women. Any woman in Tsurara's and Ageha's age group would possibly take issue with being called old, but very few (whom I know) would fly off the handle and try to attack a teenager.


  • Tsukune: My parents? Hold on what are you talking about?

  • Kurumu Kurono: Do you mind telling me what you doing, Moka?

  • Ageha: Right here right now.

  • Yurkai: Just hold on. A little bit longer, Tsukune.

  • Both: What?!
  • Tsukune: Hey, hold on second here? I'm not your...

  • Tsukune: You what?

  • Moka: (Screams)

  • Moka: Oh, It's so much presure to meet you maam. I'm...

  • Kurumu: Hey, Mom quick he's over here!

  • Both: Koka's fiance this time?!
  • Ageha: And who you might be, dear?

  • Tsukune: Wait, you want me to...

  • Yukari: There he is. Hey, Tsukune.

  • Yukari: Hey, Ruby, what are you...

  • Ageha: (Gasps) Tsurura!
  • Both: Huh?

  • Tsukune: Hey, that girlfriend stuff you guys we're saying. What the heck id going on here?
  • Mizore: Yeah, what's the big deal with the fiance crap?

  • Tsukune: Nice, Moka. That was great.

  • Kurumu: What do you mean, Mom?

  • Tsurura: I wanna talking about the relationship you had with Tsukune.

  • Mizore: Tsukune, come here. What's keeping you, Tsukune?

  • Tsukune: Oh, yeah? What might that be?

  • Moka: No! Oh, Tsukune!
  • Kurumu: What are you just trying to do?
  • Moka: Hold on! I'll get you out, okay!

  • Yukari: Just hold on! A little bit over, Tsukune!
  • Moka: Oh, thank goodness. I'm so glad you're still alive!

  • Tsukune: Wait, you mean here and now?

  • Kou: This sure crap kind sing episode we...

  • Tsukune: Hey, wait a minute.

  • Ageha: Look, I hate to break it to you like this. But I'm fortunately there's no way. Didn't you hear my Kurumu earlier is her fiance.

  • Kurmu: Didn't you hear me? Cut it out!

  • Moka: Oh, no! There hurt!

  • Ageha: What did you just say to us?!
  • Tsurura: How dare you?

  • Moka: What?

  • Moka: Mizore, no!

Tsukune:Softer than Kurumu's?

(Saizo to his parents.) "I thought might of had  a boo-boo"

(Ageha when attacking Tsurura) "Breast missles of rage!"

(Tsurura and Ageha to Tsukune) "If it doesn't work with my daughter, how about dating me?"

(Mizore after freezing Tsukune) "I did it out of love."

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