Pyotan Hatchling Form

Pyo-tan is a phoenix who had been summoned with Fang Fang Huang"s Yasha powers. When Pyotan was first summoned, he appeared as a baby chick that didn't have any powers or special techniques. He later transforms into his adult form, which gives him the power to blow away anything with the fire in his body. When Pyotan attacked Tsukune and his friends, Tsukune stopped him with the power of his Vampire blood. However, Tsukune lacked sufficient power to defeat the freshly-grown Phoenix.

Inner Moka defeats the Phoenix with her Power Kick, telling him that it will take him ten more years to defeat her, indicating that a freshly-grown Phoenix is far below the standards of its own species, which would be capable of engaging Vampires in battle as worthy opponents. He only appears in the 23rd chapter of second manga serialization.


Pyotan Adult Form

Monster InformationEdit

The Phoenix is a Yōkai species indigenous to Canaan, more commonly known in modern time as Phoenicia. This Yōkai species has the ability to burst into flame and resurrect itself from the ashes, making it effectively immortal. This hardy species has been known to live in highly volcanic environments, due to its incredible flame resistant body. Well known in Greek and Middle Eastern mythology.

This species is an avian one, with a wingspan ranging from a few centimeters as a chick, to 15-20 meters as an adult. This species of ayashi is incredibly durable, especially against fire, due to its igneous nature.