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Okuto Kotsubo
Kotsubo Okuto
Name: Okuto Kotsubo
Age: late 20's
Birthday: Unknown
Race: Kraken
Affiliation: Yōkai Academy
Relatives: None
Class: Gym teacher of Yōkai Academy
Weapon: n/a
Voice: Yasuyuki Kase (Japanese)
Christopher R. Sabat (English)
Techniques: {{{Techniques}}}

Okuto Kotsubo(小壷 奥人, Kotsubo Okuto) is the physical education teacher at Yōkai Academy and a kraken. Mizore once confessed to Kotsubo that she liked him and he tried to take advantage of her, thus she froze him. When he returns, he effortlessly attempts to pin the injuries of two students on Mizore to have her expelled and tried to kill her. With the help of Moka's blood infusion and the borrowed vampire power, Tsukune soundly defeats him and exposes the truth to the whole school.



Though a corrupt and violent teacher in both mediums, the kraken's personality varies quite a bit. In the manga, he is laid-back and mocking, while in the anime he at least puts up the facade of a professional, caring gym teacher. In the anime he also molests Mizore after seeing her upset and eventually being frozen by her.


Kotsubo Okuto Kracken

Okuto in Kraken form

Being a kraken, Okuto has eight nimble tentacles, each with a large amount of strength. Each tentacle is armed with a large set of suction cups that allow him to stick to most surfaces.

Quotes Edit

  • (When attacking Mizore) I'll drag you down, Shirayuki!

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