Tsukune, a Modified-Human

Modified Humans are Humans with magical powers known as Youjutsu (Monster Arts). This species had not been seen in Rosario+Vampire until Tsukune Aono, a human who had his body reconstructed, and stuck with 109 needles. These needles had threads of energy that stitched and reconstructed his cells to form channels that amplified the energy inside Tsukune's body, which was the source of his youjutsu. This technique, called the Human Modification Technique, had been developed by the dark lord, Touhou Fuhai. When the technique was completed, Tsukune emerged as the very first Modified Human.

Known Modified HumanEdit


  • Tsukune become a Modified-Human not only to learn Youjutsu, but to have better control over his Vampiric powers.
  • Modified-Humans are also known as "Sorcerers". (English manga)

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