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Mizore Shirayuki

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Mizore Shirayuki
Name: Mizore Shirayuki
Age: 16-17
Birthday: December 7
Race: {{{race}}}
Affiliation: Newspaper Club
Relatives: Tsurara Shirayuki (mother)
Unnamed father
Class: 2nd year Yōkai Academy
Weapon: Ice claws
Voice: Rie Kugimiya (Japanese)

Tia Ballard (English)

Techniques: {{{Techniques}}}

Mizore Shirayuki (白雪 みぞれShirayuki Mizore) is a Yuki-Onna. Mizore's mother is Tsurara Shirayuki, who appears during the start of the school festival under the belief that Tsukune is her daughter's boyfriend, while her unnamed father appears in the second anime adaptation for a short while.


  • Younger Mizore (Sukusuku Drops)
Mizore has light purple hair which was long when she was introduced, but she later has it cut and blue colored eyes, which are nearly completely blue and have a bit of purple at the top of close images of her. Also the pupils are not black, and are almost as blue as the rest of her eyes. At school, she wears a different kind of uniform than most of her classmates. She wears a light brown pleated checkered skirt like other female students, but she also wears a white sweatshirt with long dark blue sleeves, a black singlet underneath, and a yellow pendant over her neck. She wears long dark and light purple-striped stockings with white shoes and has a belt tied to her left leg. It is unknown what she kept in the front pouch of her sweatshirt, though she have been known to keep her journal about Tsukune and a lollipop which mantains her body temparature there.

Her appearance doesn't really change when she transforms into a yuki-onna, her hands become wrapped in ice and become ice claws, and sometimes, her hair becomes ice as well and like all Yuki-Onna. She is always seen with her sucker - which is a refrigerant, helping to keep her temperature regular.


When Mizore was first introduced, she was portrayed as a lonely, depressed and misunderstood girl. When she was young, she had befriended a human boy and after confessing that she is a Yuki-Onna, he ran away and never spoke to her again, making it hard for her to trust anyone. In the first semester, she confessed her love to a teacher, until he began to take advantage of her, leading Mizore to freeze him. With the incident and rumors spreading about her, Mizore found it hard to trust anyone but took a liking to Tsukune Aono, believing he was just as miserable as she was.

But after meeting Tsukune Aono and becoming friends with everyone, she is shown to be a reserved girl with little emotions, which she only expresses when having moments with Tsukune Aono.

She is often seen stalking and hiding in different locations, which is often played on for comedic purposes. In addition, she gets into comedic arguments with Kurumu Kurono quite often, and they are often seen butting heads or having childish fist fights. Though they remain to be close friends, as when Mizore is forcefully kissed by Miyabi, Kurumu comforts her and prevents Mizore from committing suicide.

A running gag in the series is Mizore shooting ice projectiles whenever Moka and Tsukune are having a tender moment together and she always appears unexpectedly in either weird or otherwise random places.

In the manga, we discover that Snow Women cannot have children after a certain age and Mizore is almost married off to Miyabi Fujisaki because of her village's practices. However, she is rescued by Tsukune and the others.

After Tsukune saves Mizore from getting killed by Kotsubo, her love for Tsukune becomes even stronger, to the point that she admits that she loves him and wants to have children with him. Mizore even sneaks away from her side of the P.E. class to see Tsukune do his exercises. When doing so, she blushes, usually saying, "Tsukune, that was great." She sometimes refers to him as her "Beloved". Unfortunately for Tsukune, this has turned into a habit for Mizore.

Eventually she shows growth saying that ever since she revealed herself to Tsukune that even if he were to choose another woman she would still love/pursue him.

Under the influence of Lilith's Mirror, Mizore acts in a very perverted manner; talking about her breasts and flashing Tsukune. She describes her nipples on her breasts are as firm as "cherries".

Mizore may be one of the most sensitive when it comes to how many friends Tsukune have. On the occasion when Fangfang tries to get Tsukune to join his family, she replied that if he get one more friend to contest her love for him, she is going to stab him.


Year One:

When we are first introduced to Mizore we find out that she tried to gain the interest of Kotsubo Okuto (the Gym teacher), who once told Mizore that he loved her. Mizore fell in love with Kotsubo, but tried to rape her, prompting her to freeze him in self-defense. In fact, Kotsubo is the teacher he refers to when he tells Tsukune the story of Mizore. He tells Tsukune that she is a nuisance, and should also be removed from the school; this also plays into why she is so shy. Finally, when Tsukune goes to bring her back to school they get attacked by Kotsubo and end up defeating him, which then makes her fall into Tsukune's growing harem. She truly hated Moka Akashiya at first since she "got in her way" of getting Tsukune's complete affection and thus tried to kill her. but she eventually regains her sense of trust. After being saved, she also begins stalking Tsukune on a daily basis.

Year Two:

Before returning to school, she, along with Kurumu, was trained by Ginei Morioka during the summer break in hand-to-hand combat in an effort for the two to become strong enough to overcome Inner Moka in a fight. They have joint attacks called "Black and White" duet. Later she was kidnapped while visiting her hometown by Fairy Tale and rescued by her friends. She later joins in their training. In a later chapter, Mizore returns to her village. There is a white flower which is used to lure the opposite sex. Mizore almost gets Tsukune (Mizore is last seen hugging Tsukune on the ground with no clothes). Then she is taken by the Snow Goddess and brought to the Snow Palace. There, she is told she must marry another man from the group Fairy Tale. She believes that the man she is to marry tries to rape her; however in actuality, he kisses and gropes her.

A later scene reveals she tried fighting back as the audience is shown a lot of ice shards scattered across the room. Even after she escapes she thinks she isn't pure enough to be with Tsukune. She jumps out of a thirty-four story window towards a grouping of large ice spikes, trying to commit suicide. But Kurumu dives after her and saves her just in time. Mizore begs Kurumu to let her go because she was kissed by a different man than the one she dreams of (Tsukune). Kurumu proves to Mizore that a forced kiss is meaningless by french kissing her. Mizore returns to her quest to lure Tsukune (as his stalker). In Chapter 40, Mizore shows growth in maturity by saying that whether Tsukune chooses her as his lover or not, she will continue to be Tsukune's lover/stalker forever. She also notes that Kurumu can't deal with the possibility of Tsukune choosing Moka or another girl, since being a Succubus, being rejected by her Destined One will kill her.


Year One:

Mizore returns to school after a delayed absence and shows an immediate interest in Tsukune Aono. In truth, she becomes infatuated with him, going so far as to create her own journal/scrapbook with all of his newspaper articles. She truly hated Moka Akashiya at first since she "got in her way" but she eventually regains her sense of trust, after Tsukune intervenes when the same teacher returns to kill her (in the anime he saved her from her loneliness). Unfortunately, this leads Mizore to stalk Tsukune on a daily basis. During the last few episodes of the season, she finds out (indirectly from Tsukune) that Tsukune is human. After that, she runs to the place where Tsukune saved her from her loneliness and starts to think about everything that has happened, wondering what she should do. Ruby appears out of nowhere in her Raven form and helps to convince her to help him. She, along with Kurumu, Yukari, Moka, and Ruby decide to stop the execution and save their beloved Tsukune, even if it meant losing their own lives.

Year Two:

During Year Two, she still harbors feelings for Tsukune and still stalks him. In one episode, she tries to attract Tsukune by learning how to cook curry, she becomes pretty decent at it, although it took hard work, and ends up making the curry in her own, signature way by using crushed ice instead of rice. Later on, she asks Tsukune to pretend to be her boyfriend for the sake of her mom, who starts getting ideas of marriage. While visiting the human realm, she, along with everyone else in Tsukune's harem (excluding Ruby) meets his mother. She battles Kurumu and Yukari to see who is more deserving of Tsukune (which ends with them all losing to Inner Moka). During the last few episodes, it is revealed through the Lilith Mirror, that her greatest desire is to be with Tsukune. However, he tells her, and everyone else (excluding Moka who was not with them at the time) that no one can replace Moka and that no one can replace them either. After that, together they overcome the effects of the mirror and defeat the spirit of the mirror.

After beating the spirit, the barrier that isolated the worlds from each other starts to fall apart and Moka sacrifices her Rosary to stabilize the barrier. About a week later, she can't stand to see Tsukune in so much pain. So, she calls her mom and makes plans to have him marry into their family. A while after, everyone realizes that Tsukune left the school to see one of the Dark Lords (Moka's father, also a Vampire like her) and get another Rosario for Moka. However, Tsurara Shirayuki decides to intervene as it would hinder her plans to have him marry into their family. But Mizore comes out of nowhere and says that she will stop her mom and do what she must for the one she loves because that is what she feels she must do. After the confrontation, she along with everyone, finally witnesses Tsukune revive the Outer Moka and the two hug each other. At the end of the series, everyone, including Inner Moka (who was unleashed due to her sister stealing the Mirror again) holds Tsukune tightly.



Mizore's cryokinesis

Cryokinesis: As a Yuki-Onna, Mizore has almost complete control over ice at will. Meaning that she can freeze and then control any form of water and her attacks are all water or ice-based. It also means that water attacks are completely useless against her. She can form anything that she wishes and her ice usually takes the form of either ice claws or ice projectiles.

  • Ice Dagger: Very sharp icicles can also be fired from her sleeves; and Mizore has been known to employ ice-styled kunai knives that she can throw expertly from a distance, often hitting the foreheads of the intended targets without fail.
  • Ice Claws: Her ice claws are just as strong, if not stronger than Kurumu's claws and can easily cut and destroy objects, such as a park bench, with relative ease.
    • No Reason Dragon Hail Bullets: Mizore jumps into the air before she releases a barrage of icicles from her ice claws.
  • Ice Clones: She also shows the ability to create ice clones of herself or of others. She first used this abilility to make a clone of Tsukune in order to keep her mother and Kurumu busy whilst the real Tsukune was with Moka. The weak point in her ice clones is that they are very fragile and usually shatter after a while.

After her training with Gin, her Ice Claws had become stronger. She can now also freeze any body of water around her.

Another result of her training were developing some joint attacks, such as the "White and Black" duets, which she has developed with Kurumu.

  • White and Black Duet, Number 3: After Kurumu has transformed into her true form, she will pick up Mizore before twirling around. As this happens, Mizore seems to release a barrage of ice shards from her Ice Claws.
  • 'White and Black Duet, Number 9:' After appearing behind a target, Kurumu and Mizore will both slice him/her with their claws and launch the target into the air. Based on what Mizore said, they had waited a long time to use this against Inner Moka.
  • White and Black Duet, Number 13: Last Waltz: After clasping hands with Kurumu, ice will begin to form in the air above a target. It quickly forms into a good-sized piece of sharpened ice that descends towards a target. The true power of this technique is not known, though she and Kurumu had to jump away to avoid the shockwave that it caused.
  • Mizore's Ice Claws
  • Ice Clone
  • White and Black Duet Number 3
  • White and Black Duet, Number 9
  • White and Black Duet Number 13, Last Waltz


  • "We'll have a nice life together in the end, we could say that the baby is just a way to keep us together."
  • "Don't be shy now, this will also be my first time."
  • "I will stalk and freeze you all."
  • "Shall we eat a cherry snow cone together?"
  • "Let's go make a baby."
  • "Make me your lover, Tsukune."
  • "Please, call me Mizore."
  • "Please, call me your little snow bunny."


  • Her name sounds like "Misery" (a term for being depressed and unable to find joy), which is how she usually was/is like.
  • A running gag in the series is that Mizore always appears unexpectedly in the oddest locations (under tables, behind doors, the ceiling, bushes, in the bathroom, and even outside of the window on the academy's second floor).
  • Another running gag is that she throws ice-based projectiles to disrupt any sort of tender moment Tsukune is having with any other girl.
  • Her Student Dormitory is much more spacious and classier than what is shown of Tsukune's or Moka's Dorms.
  • Kurumu calls her Stalker Women (-Onna)
  • Both times Tsukune has seen Mizore's breasts, (Season I chapter 38 and Season II chapter 11) and he has blocked the images by imagining them to be cherries.
  • In the serialized manga Mizore is classified initially as an, "Abominable Snow Woman". She is later renamed "Snow Fairy". In the anime, she is sometimes referred to as "Ice Queen".
  • Her character song is Snow Fairy.
  • Mizore's character may have been inspired by a yuki-onna from the comic series Pugyuru. Not only are they both yuki-onna, but they are both called Mizore and have purple bangs.
  • Mizore in the manga seems to take being called a "Stalker" a compliment and refers herself as one, an occasion being when Kurumu told her that she is "watching people again" when Mizore appeared from the ceiling, she replied by "When are you going to call it 'stalking'?".


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