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are a fictional species of monster in Rosario+Vampire and exist in many other monster fictions.
 Mermaids are seen in Rosario+Vampire as flirty, beautiful, yet dangerous, creatures that lure unsuspecting beings to their watery grave. With their stunning appearence, mermaids enchant men and drain them of their life force. Why Tenmei Mikogami who acts as the headmaster, allowed this club is a mystery. They are the species of "mer-people" or "mer-folk" if you must, being the feminine counterpart of the male "merman", their name coming from the Latin word 'mer' meaning 'sea' and 'maid' meaning a female, most notably a servant and the female version of a "butler", which maid is typically short for "maiden", which means "unmarried woman." (ex. "maiden name") (Respectfully "birth name" to feminists). Their male counterpart does not exist in the Rosario + Vampire franchise.

Bite-Sized Monster Encyclopedia Edit

"Contrary to the sweet image projected in popular fairy tales, sailors know that these terrible beauties portend shipwrecks and death."


Mermaids are aquatic monsters that have been popular in myths and legends that originated in ancient times, they are portrayed as beautiful women with the bottom half of a fish. Mermaids have three forms. They can become stunningly beautiful human girls and can stay in this form, even in water. They reveal their second form when draining someone of their lifeforce.

In their second form, mermaids look like the sweet, innocent creatures of legend with their beautiful faces but the tails of fish covered in scales. They have fin-like extensions over their ears and thick scales on their human appendages. Mermaids have sharp nails in their mermaid form and spiny fins along the sides of their arms and tails.

They retain their human faces until they completely unseal themselves, after which their mouth grows jagged and cracked in appearance, their eyes become pupiless, they sprout strange markings from the corners of their mouths that stretch to their cheeks and large, shark-like teeth fill their jaws.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Water is the mermaid's domain, and when they are submerged in any body of water, they grow stronger and more powerful. While out of water, they are unimpressive and make for easy targets.

Mermaids are strong swimmers and can swim extremely fast and can jump very high out of the water. As they are part fish, mermaids can breathe underwater.

They have the unique ability to drain the life force out of a target to sustain their own nourishment, and with their enticing aura and good looks, luring in bait proves to be a very easy task.

Their beauty is strong enough to put any man under their spell and it is similar to the siren ability to hypnotise someone with their song.

Known Mermaids Edit