Bite Size Monster DictionaryEdit

From Greek mythology, a fearsome monster with snakes as hair. They have the power to turn living things into stone. Stronger ones can turn anyone who simply looks at them into stone.

Definition directly from English manga:

"Medusa Known from the myths of ancient Greece, a being with the hair of snakes and a terrifying visage. Able to turn living beings into stone... Some say all it takes is a glimpse of her face."


They are roughly the same height, weight, and physical build as most hominids, except for their "hair," which is actually composed of snake-like appendages that can be used to bite opponents. They are more often than not beautiful women according to ancient legend.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Gorgons are capable of turning their foes to stone, although how they go about this has been shown to vary to some extent. Particularly powerful gorgons, like The Medusa of ancient Greek legend have been known to petrify victims with a single glance. Less powerful ones, such as Hitomi Ishigami must first "bite" an opponent with one of her snake-like appendages. Gorgons also have the standard superhuman strength and agility common of most Yōkai species.


It should be noted that the species name "Medusa" is not the correct name of the species, the true name is "Gorgon".

In addition, Medusa was the youngest of the three "Gorgon Sisters".

Some legends did not call Medusa or her elder Gorgon sisters beautiful, rather their "hideous looks" were what turned people to stone.

Some versions telling of Medusa's death by the Greek hero Perseus mention a fatal flaw in Medusa's petrifying power. The flaw was that her visage, if reflected, was harmless.

In Rosario + Vampire, only powerful ones can turn anyone who looks at them into stone. But in other fiction, all Gorgons can do that.

Known MedusaEdit

Hitomi Ishigami