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Bite Size Monster DictionaryEdit

A reptilian humanoid with a face of a lizard. Despite their outward appearance, they possess a high intellectual ability. Their bond with their friends is strong, but are aggressive to anyone else. They are a race of war-like hunters.

Definition direct from English manga:

"Lizardman These reptilian "beastmen" are a lot smarter than they look. They are hunters with a pack mentality who are very hostile to anyone outside their group."


They are humanoid in structure, with dark green scales and slitted, yellow eyes. On top of their head is some type spiny crest that comes in different colors. Within their mouth is a large asset of sharp teeth and a forked tongue that is likely used for smelling prey.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

They possess sharp teeth, superhuman strength, and powerful, gator-like bite force enhanced with good reflexes. Though they are often referred as dim minded when compared to other Yokai, they are - in fact - more intelligent then they look.

Known LizardmanEdit



  • For unknown reason, in the Anime, Lizardmen do not move their jaw when they talk.

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