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Kurumu Kurono
Name: Kurumu Kurono
Age: 15-17
Birthday: August 2
Race: {{{race}}}
Affiliation: Newspaper Club
Relatives: Ageha Kurono (mother)
Class: 2nd year Yōkai Academy
Weapon: Claws, Allure/Charm, Illusions
Voice: Misato Fukuen
Brina Palencia (English)
Techniques: {{{Techniques}}}

Kurumu Kurono (黒乃 胡夢, Kurono Kurumu) is a Succubus and the one most beautiful girl at Yōkai Academy, but wants to be the most precious girl at school which was taken by Moka. One of Kurumu's goals is to be the most beautiful girl in Yokai academy, but when Moka came Kurumu's wish was taken. So one of her other goals was to take Tskune from Moka. To make Tsukune fall in love with her. Despite her numerous sexual advances towards Tsukune, in actuality Kurumu is a very innocent character and genuinely yearns for Tsukune's love.

It is said that should Tsukune not pledge his love for Kurumu, she will die, as the source of life and love for a succubus, comes from their destined ones.


  • Kurumu
  • Kurumu (After ingesting a Sukusuku Drop)
Kurumu is a sixteen year-old woman that stands at 5' 3''. Though short, all the girls at Yōkai Academy, including Moka, are no match for her when it comes to breast size, which are G-Cup. She has light ocean-blue hair, dark-purple eyes, voluminous eyelashes, and fair skin.

At school, she wears a uniform that is different from most or her classmates. Instead of the green suit jacket that Moka and the male students wear, she wears a yellow sweater vest, which acts mainly to flaunt her large bust, a bow tie and a green pleated checkered skirt.

Her appearance doesn't really change when she transforms into a succubus, she grows bat wings, her ears become pointed, she gains a tail and her nails extend into claws.

She originally a wore a white long-sleeved blouse, but later switched to a short-sleeved shirt in the second manga serialization. Also, when infiltrating Fairy Tale's main headquarters, she was seen wearing the standard Fairy Tale attire.


As a succubus, Kurumu has excellent abilities in seduction and takes great pride in it. She is well liked by boys in her school, but fell in love with Tsukune when he saved her from Moka, as she had been trying to make Moka jealous by stealing him. Kurumu initially acted cold and arrogant, only interested in repopulating the succubi and controlling boys, but in truth she is very kind-hearted and grows to become one of their best friends. Even after warming up to Tsukune and Moka, Kurumu retains her crush on Tsukune and flirtatious characteristics, constantly trying to seduce the object of her affections.

Though she loves Tsukune, she is not above taking advantage of him to make him hers (such as using her powers on him to force him to be a couple with her). She can even get into his mind by telling him she would never hurt him and that she would be better to him than Moka would. She tends to do this whenever he may be hurt by Moka on more than one occasion. She is not above making Moka jealous and trying to take Tsukune away from him or scolding her for sucking his blood and for being alone together.

As a running gag, she tends to seduce Tsukune by rubbing her breasts against him, which she does often, or hugging him between her breasts and wants him to feel how soft they are, which suffocates him. She is very confident in her sex appeal and uses it to her advantage by making Tsukune grab her breasts to win him over and always states how they're bigger than Moka's, showing superiority issues on her part.

Year One:

Freshman Year Arc:

Kurumu first appears calling out for somebody to "help her" while on the ground. Tsukune comes to her aid and says he better take her to the infirmary, only for her to use Allure on him while they are walking.

She is later seen confronting Moka in the hallway, where all of the boys comment on her beauty, before she tells Moka that she is a Succubus and that she has come to defeat her. She then reveals her "Yokai Academy Harem Transformation Plan" and tells Moka that she's getting in the way of it, so she'll take Tsukune away from her. She tells Moka that Tsukune smells just like a Human and that Moka must be using him as "food", only for Moka to object.

When Tsukune arrives, she glomps him and tells him that she's getting dizzy again when Moka tells him that she's using him. She then uses Allure and makes Tsukune say some hurtful things to Moka before she takes him away.

In the infirmary, she tries to complete her Allure over Tsukunee, only to get angry when he resists by hugging her instead. She demands why she isn't good enough before transforming into her true form and vows to destroy everything affliated with Moka. However, before she can harm Tsukune, she is pushed out the window by Moka.

Recovering, she flies back to the window and demands that Tsukune and Moka come out so she can kill the both of them together. During the ensuing battle, she cuts through several trees with her nails, and is about to kill them both before Tsukune takes off Moka's rosario and releases Inner Moka. She then tells Inner Moka about the reason behind her plan (to find her Destined Mate) before attempting to attack her.

Inner Moka quickly defeats her before asking if she should rip out her wings and tail. Frightened, she watches as Inner Moka approuches her, only for Tsukune to step in front of her. He surprises her by saying that he thought she didn't do any of this with bad intentions.

She appears a few days later, interrupting the tender moment between Moka and Tsukune, and tells Tsukune that he is her Destined Mate. She chases him as he runs away, telling him to marry her.

Later, Kurumu hears some students talking about Moka joining the Swimming Club and says that she'll join as well. Walking away, she then wonders about why Moka joined, as Vampires were supposed to hate water for some reason.

Making it to the pool, she tells Tsukune that they need to get Moka out of the water, or she'll die. She comments on the power she feels when Inner Moka is released before watching the ensuing battle between her and the mermaids. After the battle, she demands why Inner Moka hit Tsukune, only for Inner Moka to tell them how Outer Moka had an inferiorty complex and blamed herself for being different.

Three days later, she joins the Newspaper Club along with Tsukune and Moka.

Student Police Arc:

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Witch's Knoll Arc:

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Mizore Arc:

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Monstrel Arc:

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Anti-Thesis Arc:

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Lilith Mirror Arc:

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Year Two:

Return to Yōkai Academy Arc:

After Yokai Academy reopend, Kurumu found Tsukune and tackled him from behind, only to recieve an ice dart to the forehead from Mizore. She and Mizore prepare to fight each other with Tsukune trying to stop them. After saying how it's "destiny" for everyone to in the same class, she glomps Tsukune, saying that they'll protect him.

Kurumu later appears in her full Succubus form after using Witchcraft to cause vines to incapitate Moka before she flies away with Tsukune. She then tells him she thought something like that could happen before telling him that, if a woman acted strange again, he should come to her or she'll crush him. After Yukari informs her and Mizore of what is really going on, they tie Yukari up and leave her above a sharp icicle patch. They then go to save Tsukune, only to thank Inner Moka.

When the group goes hunting for the Monster Fruit Dorian, she and others get into a contest over who will catch it first, with the winner getting to eat the fruit with Tsukune. After catching it, she reveals she wanted to eat it with Tsukune becuase she felt like they were steadily splitting apart.

After Moka saves her from the fruit, Kurumu goes into shock over it until Tsukune is eaten as well. Angry, she transforms, only for Inner Moka to bust out of the fruit's gut with Tsukune. Working together, they group beats and then eat the Dorian, where she admits that eating together with everyone was delicious too.

Phantom Thieves Arc:

Kurumu then appears when Moka bursts into the classroom, saying 'a visitor' came before watching as the visitor attempts to kill Moka. When Tsukune is hurt, she rips the desk off of him before saying that she'll fight the visitor, only to stop when Moka says it's her sister. She listens as Moka explains the rivalry between her and her sister before asking if what Kokoa did was becuase of it.

Later, she sends Moka away from Tsukune with a chop before drawing Tsukune to her breasts, saying that he isn't Moka's breakfast. She and Moka then fall down after being hit in the head by ice daggers, only to reappear behind Mizore and hit her in the head with her own dagger. When Kokoa comes into the Newspaper Club classroom, she tells her that if she sticks around too much, she'll "punish her" before getting into an argument with her.

When the Newspaper Club is going to start going around interviewing those that've been attacked, she mocks Kokoa, saying that guesswork wasn't allowed.

New and Old Club members Arc:

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Land of Yuki-Onna Arc:

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Training Arc:

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Second Battle with Fairy Tale Arc:

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Fang-Fang Arc:

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Moka's Hidden Memories Arc:

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Prepreation for Moka's Rescue Arc:

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Infiltrating Fairy Tale/Rescuing Moka Arc:

After infiltrating Fairy Tale and meeting Hokuto again, she tells him that they don't fully trust him and, if he laid a hand on Tsukune, he would be the one they took down first. She later thinks that he might be pretending to lead them while actually giving them to his boss, only for him to tell her that its a gate they need to travel through.

When the group arrives in the room for the meeting, she is seen looking up at Gyokuro Shuzen. She reacts in shock when Gyokuro announces she senses them before throwing an enormous pillar at them. She is then seen running away with Tsukune and the others, only to run into a group of Fairy Tale grunts. After easily defeating them, Tsukune says that they should continue on, only for Hokuto to say that the plan is over.

She reacts angrily when Hokuto says that he will part ways with them, only for Ruby to point out that it would be safer for them to continue with the plan.

When the group gets to the second floor of the basement, she remarks about how there were less people the deeper they went. Tsukune then says he detected a strange presence, which causes Kurumu to note the electricity that is gathering and gaining shape.

As Ruby steps forward to battle Raika, Kurumu mutters about the amount of energy that the subdivsion leader had. She watches the battle continues on and expresses her concern about Ruby's health when she uses her Iron Maiden ability.

Later, after Raika has been defeated, the group moves on, only to come at a fork in the road. She then asks if they could believe Fang-Fang in the path that they should take. When Fang-Fang says he'll stay behind to pick up his coins, she tells him he needs to pull himself together before leaving. Later, after getting through some traps, she angrily remarks that Fang-Fang's fortune-telling is almost never right.

Sometime later, everyone hears an omnious sound, which causes them all to turn around. However, because they need to move forward, they have to ignore it, but not without Kurumu hoping that Yukari and Fang-Fang are alright. The group is then stopped by Miyabi, who then tells them are being targeted. Kiria then jumps down from the roof before activating a teleportation technique.

When Tsukune and Ruby are sent away, Kurumu angrily demands to know where they were sent, only for Mizore to hold her back. This proves a good thing as, otherwise, she would've gotten seriously hurt. She then remarks about how Kiria must've finally revealed his "true nature" before he attacks them.

Later, after leaving with Mizore when Miyabi tells them to (holding off Kiria) she says she wants to go back, worried about what happened to Tsukune and Ruby. Seconds later, an intense blast of Yoki hits them, and Mizore asks if she still wants to go back. Shaking her head, the two continue on.

Kurumu is later seen entering the room where Moka and Alucard are kept and says that they've come to save her before transmitting a signal (saying that they've found Moka) to the others. When Moka starts screaming, she and Mizore rush forward, only for Kurumu to discover an inivisible barrier around her. Moka then tells them to run, as she doesn't think she can hold Alucard back any longer, only for Kurumu to tell her to hold on before she tries to enter the barrier.

However, before she can, Akua emerges from the ground behind her. She then rushes towards Akua, only to be cut in half by Akua's Jigen-Tou. Her body then falls to th ground.

Later, when Akua reveals the true purpose behind the seal, Kurumu's body rises up from the ground before attempting to grab Akua, saying that she would never let that happen. She then dodges Akua's blow as her body "heals" itself and Akua realizes she had "killed" an illusion. Together with Mizore, she rushes forward towards Akua and says that they'll take Moka back.

Kurumu is later seen laying on the ground, thinking of how unreal Akua's strength was. Akua then states that their combination of ice and illusion would've taken down a subdivison leader before attemmpting to kill Miizore. Moka stops her with her voice and tells them that she knows that she's a fake personality.

Getting up, Kurumu clasps hands with Mizore before telling Moka that she's their "strongest, most invincible" rival in love abefore they use White and Black Duet, Number 13: Last Waltz. Going in, she amplifies Mizore's ice with her illusions and remembers Tohou's advice on how to defeat Akua.

While continuing their attack, Kurumu thinks about what "fake" was. She thinks about all of their feelings for Outer Moka and how she had tried to hate her so many, many times. Their attack, however, proves ineffective as Akua appears and cuts both of them down. Falling to her knees, she tells Moka that, whatever happened, not to make Tsukune cry. Seconds later, she collapses, which then causes the release of Moka's seal.

When Alucard awakens and its tentacles pierce through the flooring, it is revealed that Inner Moka saved them before their bodies are placed on the ground when Akua goes after Tsukune.

Powers & Abilities:

As a Succubus, Kurumo has a wide array of powers and abilities.

  • Flight: As a Succubus, Kurumu has the natural ability of flight.
  • Enhanced Strength: Kurumu has notable strength, being able to slice trees in half with her claws and carry multiple people at once.
  • Allure: Being a succubus, Kurumu possesses powers of Allure, which she can use to hypnotize males. This technique, however, only seems to last a few minutes.
  • Illusions: Later on, Kurumu displays further powers, employing the use of strong illusions to wrap vines around a slug Yōkai, Nagare Kano, who was blackmailing her in order to take ecchi pictures of her, defeating him completely. Despite being sealed, Inner Moka was stunned that Kurumu displayed such power because the use of illusions are usually displayed by the higher ranked succubi.
    • Unlike the manga, Kurumu's anime incarnation does not display any illusionary or reality-bending abilities what-so-ever.

In the second manga serialization, she is learning basic witchcraft to help with the strength of her illusions along with Mizore. Like Mizore, she was also trained by Ginei during the summer break in hand-to-hand combat in an effort for the two to become strong enough to overcome Inner Moka in a fight.

  • Enhanced Allure: As a Succubus who can use Illusions, Kurumu has displayed the ability to affect an entire crowd of males with her Allure. Unlike her orginal Allure, this display hypnotized Tsukune for several hours.
  • Mind Entering: Recently, she has shown her ability to travel into people's minds via her tail. Its revealed that she can't stay in the dream too long or it will exhaust her body. Later, she shows that she can enter a person's mind with a kiss, like she did with Tskune to bring his soul back.
  • Barrier Entering: When Tohou Fuhai said he was going to kill Tsukune, Kurumu managed to force herself through his barrier. This is especially interesting as that barrier was set to kill anything that tried to get through it.

During the summer break, she and Mizore have come up with at least three joint attacks, though, based on White and Black Duet, Number 13: Last Waltz, they could've developed 13.

  • White and Black Duet, Number 3: After Kurumu has transformed into her true form, she will pick up Mizore before twirling around. As this happens, Mizore seems to release a barrage of ice shards from her Ice Claws.
  • White and Black Duet, Number 9: After appearing behind a target, Kurumu and Mizore will both slice him/her with their claws and launch the target into the air. Based on what Mizore said, they had waited a long time to use this against Inner Moka.
  • White and Black Duet, Number 13: Last Waltz: After clasping hands with Kurumu, ice will begin to form in the air above a target. It quickly forms into a good-sized piece of sharpened ice that descends towards a target. The true power of this technique is not known, though she and Kurumu had to jump away to avoid the shockwave that it caused.
    • Kurumu's illusion
    • Mind Enter
    • Kurumu's speed (1)
    • Kurumu's speed (2)
    • White and Black Duet Number 3
    • White and Black Duet, Number 9:
    • White and Black Duet Number 13, Last Waltz


  • "Yahoo-hoo!"
  • "I...don't want to be just another friend of Tsukune, Th...That's why I..."
  • (To Tsukune): It's okay now... you'll be fine... I love you, Tsukune. I'll stay by your side forever and protect you.
  • (To Outer Moka): 'Just what the hell is "fake"?. Then what does that make Tsukune's feelings for you? What does that make our feelings?
  • (To Outer Moka): In truth, there were so many times where I thought "If only I could hate you." If only I could hate you. If only I could hate you. I thought that so many, many times...
  • It's strange, isn't it? I'd thought that living for live was everything to me and yet...... that's why I won't let anyone say those feelings are fake.


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