Moka AkashiyaEdit

Outer MokaEdit

Kokoa attacks Outer Moka to force her to transform. Even so, she loves her and considers her a sister. In the anime, she is constantly trying to find ways to remove her Rosario and get her to stay as the Inner Moka.

Inner MokaEdit

Kokoa loves the Inner Moka deeply and calls Inner Moka her real sister. When they were younger, she is constantly trying to beat her in a fight, but always loses

Kalua ShuzenEdit

Kokoa has been afraid of Kalua since she was a child and would never play with her. When reuniting with her in The land of the Snow Fairies, though hostile towards her, she showed extreme fear.

Akua ShuzenEdit

Kokoa probably fears Akua more than Kalua.


Tsukune AonoEdit

Kokoa finds Tsukune to be the main reason Moka(outer) is weak. She is shown to be envious of him when he recieves training from Inner Moka. In the anime, she hates him because Moka gives him everything.

Kurumu KurunoEdit

Kokoa hates it when Kurumu treats her like a little girl. When it comes to Gin though she'll team up with Kurumu and Mizore to attack him. She shows some respect for her.

Yukari SendoEdit

Kokoa and Yukari can relate to many things like hate being taunted on their age, their love for Moka, etc.. Yukari is one of the people she can confide to and is probably her closest friend.

Mizore ShiriyukiEdit

Like Kurumu, Mizore treats Kokoa like a little girl. Kokoa finds Mizore to be creepy.

Haiji MiyamotoEdit

Kokoa harbors a deep hatred for him for him being a huge lolicon pervert. While heading to Faory Tale's HQ, she thanks him for training her. Taking advantage, he tries to get her to kiss him on the cheek, only for her to stab him in the back, literally.

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