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Kiria Yoshii
Kana 吉井 霧亜
Romaji Yoshii Kiria
Birthday Unknown
Gender Male
Age 15
Race Hybrid (formerly)

Chimera (current)

Hair Color silver/white
Eye Color Green

Red (transformed)

Equipment Scythe like-arm
Personal Status
Affiliations ANTI-THESIS (formerly)

Fairy Tale (currently)

Voice Actor None
Kiria Yoshii is the former second-in-command of ANTI-THESIS. Calm and collected, he appears to be interested only in seeing how the events surrounding his superior, Kaneshiro Hokuto, will work out, and shares his view of releasing violence acted out on the students.

It is revealed Kiria injected his blood to Hokuto, transforming him into a monster so that he could "survive" the dangers of the academy. Ironically, he also appears grateful to Tsukune Aono for changing Hokuto after his foiled attempt in destroying the barrier separating the human and Yōkai worlds. He later leaves Yōkai Academy with Hokuto after the school festival begins. He is working with Fairy Tale and is the former 1st Subdivision Deputy Leader. Later on, Kiria becomes the Leader of Fairy Tale.



Kiria has been described as being handsome, even being compared to a male model by Tsukune. He has a red horizontally slit pupil eye and a green vertically slit pupil eye. He has silver/white hair that goes a little past his ears. During his first appearance, his hair was parted neatly in the middle. However, as the series went on, his bangs were progressively messier.


Kiria seems calm and collected, but seems to possess a bored and sadistic nature, constantly looking for something "interesting", which usually ends in a violent conflict or a dramatic scene. Kiria also seems to have feelings for Kurumu Kurono, stating that he "really does actually like her". Though this could mean that he wishes to kill her, as she failed to bring Moka's inner self out to fight him. He is also extremely interested in Hokuto, enough so to give him his blood twice.


Kiria Volume 13

Kiria in color

Year OneEdit

Kiria was first seen in volume 7, chapter 25, taunting Mako of her failed attack on Tsukune and his friends, claiming he is there to help her causing her to attack him in anger. He appears amused when Mako loses her temper and attacks the patients and visitors in the hospital ward, putting them under her control.

After Mako's defeat, he approaches a lovesick Kurumu with a proposal: get him a fight with Inner Moka and he'll stop the attacks on the News Club Saizo started. However, Kiria could not get his wish as only Tsukune can remove the rosario from Moka and he did not want him involved with his "fun". Annoyed, he let two Cyclops attack Moka and Kurumu, which he found amusing as the Cyclops were defeated by Outer Moka and Kurumu.

Right after their undercover agent is arrested following a failed attempt on Tsukune's life, Kiria approaches Tsukune and is amazed by the Holy Lock, finding it to be something he wants for himself. This ends up scaring Tsukune away and earning Hokuto's anger as he was being watched on suspicion of being an Anti-schooler.

Right as Hokuto attacks the student council, Kiria kidnaps Moka and defeats Ruby as part of Hokuto's plan to destroy the Great Barrier. Despite his numerous attempts to get Outer Moka to fight him, Kiria ends up bored out of his mind and chokes her in anger for his boredom. However, Outer Moka destroys the rosario seal and releases Inner Moka, who easily snaps Kiria's right arm before kicking him into submission after finally getting to enjoy his long awaited fun.

Rosario Vampire v09 92

Kiria injecting his blood into Hokuto

However, Kiria managed to recover and sneak into Hokuto's hospital room and inject him with more blood to help him heal while musing on how Tsukune managed to thaw out Hokuto's frozen heart. He is last seen walking away with Hokuto during the School Festival kick off party.

Year TwoEdit

Kiria is currently affiliated with the Fairy Tale organization and is seen airlifting Miyabi Fujisaki and Kahlua Shuzen to safety. He made a failed attempt to kill Tsukune and classmates by causing the plane they were on to crash by sending a Fairy Tale gremlin. After the incident at the Huang family's mansion, he and Hokuto appeared to help Tsukune and the others to infiltrate the Floating Garden, leading them to Akashiya Moka.


Kiria about to transfer Tsukune and Ruby to another dimension

When Tsukune and the group are blocked by Miyabi Fujisaki on their way to Moka, Kiria jumps from an upper floor, lands on the ground and casts a youjutsu spell, transferring Tsukune and Ruby to another dimension. Kiria then tells Kurumu Kurono and Mizore Shirayuki about the presence of another (Kuyo) who infiltrated Yōkai Academy, and it was to him that Kiria sent Tsukune and Ruby Toujo. Kiria attacks Kurumu, but is saved by Mizore at the last instant. Becoming bored, he goes for Mizore, aiming to kill; Kiria's attack is blocked by none other than his Subdivision Leader Miyabi, who calmly reassures Mizore that she can trust him.

Although it seems that Miyabi and Kiria are fighting each other when Mizore and Kurumu run off to find Moka, nothing is revealed from it other then a loud explosion Kurumu and Mizore hear. It is not until later that Kiria appears again, seemingly unharmed, and attempts to stop  Hokuto and Tsukune from helping Moka defeat Gyokuro. He is fighting against Hokuto as Tsukune runs to try and help Moka. Kiria is last seen holding an unconcious Hokuto standing beside Kuyo holding Kahlua's body making their escape after Alucard is demised.

Kiria eventually took over as Leader of Fairy Tale, rebuilt it, and became one of Tsukune's formidable enemies. As the new Leader, first thing Kiria did is made a wanted poster putting a price on Tsukune's head and sent out assassins on his order to kill him possibly trying not to get caught for now.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Kiria scythe

Kiria's Scythe Arm

Like Hokuto, Kiria is a syntheic beast known as a Chimera based off of Alucard's body, his arm can turn into a scythe while in his monster form.

Kiria's true nature


Kiria's blade arm

  • Superhuman Speed: He possesses incredible speed, easily out pacing Kurumu in one circumstance, and he later outdoes Yukari and Mizore after arriving with Hokuto following the conflict with Akua.
  • Blood Transfusion: Kiria is able to inject his own blood through his monster fangs shown while he's giving Hokuto more of his blood, which he injected when Hokuto first came to Yokai Academy. 
  • Youjutsu: Kiria can also cast a number of Youjutsu spells, one of which teleported Tsukune Aono and Ruby Toujo to a seemingly different dimension to fight Kuyo.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Volume 12 omake from Rosario+Vampire Capu 2, Kiria states that he's "...not that into girls" implying he's gay.

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