Kasumi Aono
Kana 青野 かすみ
Romaji Aono Kasumi
Birthday Unknown
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Race Human
Hair Color Brown
Personal Status
Relatives Tsukune Aono (Son)
Moka Akashiya (Daughter-in-Law)
Kyōko Aono (Niece)
Kōji Aono (Husband)
Affiliations None
Class None (Due to being human)
Voice Actor Haruhi Terada (Japanese)
Maeghan Albach (English)

Kasumi Aono is Tsukune Aono's mother, Kōji Aono's wife, and Kyōko Aono's aunt. She is a kind woman and appears shocked when all the women Tsukune has in the house are in love with him and shocked that he brought some many pretty girls into her house, but she appears very happy to finally meet Moka, the girl that Tsukune has been talking so much about.

Manga Edit

Year OneEdit

In the first year of the manga she made her appearance in the first chapter while talking with her husband about Tsukune going to Yōkai academy. Since then, she only makes appearances when Tsukune is talking on the phone. However, she also appears when the newspaper club, excluding Ginei Morioka comes to Tsukune's house when the school is temporarily destroyed.

Year TwoEdit

In the second series upon Alucard's demise, Kasumi along with her husband and niece are seen watching the battle end on the television. 


Year OneEdit

In the first year of the anime she made her appearance in the first episode while talking with her husband about Tsukune going to Yōkai academy. Since then, she only makes appearances when Tsukune is talking to her on the phone.

Year Two Edit

Shown once or twice in the first few episodes, she is mostly shown in episode 7 where Tsukune goes home and all the girls follow him. During this time, Kasumi worries that Tsukune has become a gigolo and even faints when she believes that he had sex with Moka. When she wakes up later, Moka apologizes for the whole misunderstanding and saying that she and Tsukune are only friends, When she states full name, Kasumi realizes that Moka is the person Tsukune had told her about whenever he called the house, saying how she was a great friend. She then thanks Moka for looking after Tsukune, causing Moka to tear up.


  • (To Tsukune) You seem to have changed. When you first entered high school, you would call back everyday, and tell me what you encountered that day... but you haven't been calling back recently. Frankly speaking... I'm a little scared... scared that you might have changed completely... haha... this must be what they call being independent once you leave home... I guess that you're all grown-up now... you've become manlier.
  • (To Moka) I've heard everything about you. He'll always mention you whenever we talk on the phone. I was quite surprised when I first heard that... that boy.. has never used such a happy tone while talking... that's why... I also wish to have a chance to meet you... to see what kind of person is the Akashiya-san that he speaks of. Thank you for coming over today... please continue to look after Tsukune.

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