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Kanade Kamiya
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Kana 神谷 奏
Romaji Kamiya Kanade
Gender Male
Race Siren
Equipment Voice
Personal Status
Affiliations Fairy Tale
Kanade Kamiya is part of Fairy Tale and killed Marin Kawamoto's husband along with several others four years ago for unknown reasons, claiming that he was getting rid of his gloom. He was formally the leader of Fairy Tale's 7th Branch, until he was killed by San Otonashi.


He first seems like a calm man, but in reality doesn't care about the Humans. Stating that his dream is to create his own mountain of human corpses. He cares about other monsters, trying to get them to see humans as the enemy, but will resort to mesmerizing them with his voice to force them into joining Fairy Tale. When confronted with the chance he could die, all arrogance vanished to reveal someone terrified of dying. Hence, he has no bones about killing but becomes fearful when faced with the chance of dying.


As a Siren, Kanade is a fearsome and highly capable adversary, who has a wide range of techniques that take advantage of his kind's legendary and fearsome abilities. As leader of the 7th branch in his area of Japan, he is feared and renowned by his fellow and subordinate operatives as being one of, if not the most powerful operative, having a power strong to the point of being considered an actual god.

  • Sonic Attacks: Like the rest of his kind, Kanade can employ powerful sonic attacks in the form of a melodious, resonating song. The power of these kinds of songs are tremendously dangerous, for they carry a formidable Yōkai component and emission as well. These songs can weaken, paralyze, and kill any human who hears them in a matter of seconds, while most other Monsters will be overpowered and killed in a similar time frame. These attacks, when appropriately boosted or blocked, can shatter glass and damage the surrounding environment. They are also potent enough to make it extremely difficult for another monster to get within hand-to-hand combat range, even one with power of Vampire blood on his/her side.
  • Water Mirror: Another example of the Siren's fearsome Yōki and magical potential, this technique utilizes Kanade's magical artifact, a small hand-held harp, which is his signature weapon. It is initiated when Kanade plucks one of the strings and enacts the spell, causes the ground to act like the surface of a liquid, with whatever subordinates that he chooses to summon, such as Mermen. The skill, power level, and knowledge required to employ this technique are of tremendous significance, as noted by Yukari Sendō, for it is a highly transcendental form of magic, at the same level as that employed with the tunnel and barrier that conceals Yōkai Academy.
  • Feather Cutter: Another technique employed by Kanade against Tsukune, this attack results in the wing feathers becoming incredible stiff and hard, likely to the point of being as strong as steel. They also become razor-sharp, and are launched at high speed, swiftly piercing the flesh of their opponent and inflicting considerable injury. This ability likely exists as a back-up attack in the event of the traditional sonic attacks being neutralized or avoided.
  • Voice Amplification Form: An ability displayed by Kanade after receiving a direct hit from a Vampire blood-powered Tsukune, this form serves the function of condensing and boosting the power of the Siren's sonic attacks, rendering them strong enough to readily cleave through solid matter such as concrete, rock, dirt, etc. as well as rendering their physiologically-degrading attributes immediately lethal to all but the strongest opponents. The potency of a sonic attack issued forth in this form has been likened to being equivalent to a sound or music amplifier boosting a small noise or spark into an explosive roar, showing the raw destructive potential of a sonic attack when fired in this form.
  • Symphony for the Devil: Kanade's signature, lethal technique, which he employs when in his amplification form. The technique is initiated when Kanade gathers and focuses his energy into the powerful sound-generating apparatus located in the neck of the Siren's advanced form, visibly and dramatically distorting the air around it with sound and energy. When fired, Kanade braces himself on the on the ground by leaning forward and planting his hands forward. In addition, excess sound and energy is vented out the back of the neck. The discharged attack is so powerful that effortlessly cleaves through the ground and any other physical obstruction, along with violently superheating the air in its path and blowing through even another Siren's defense.

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