Tsukune, a former human

Humans are the species that dominate the Earth in Rosario+Vampire. Initially, Tsukune was human and so was Hokuto, but now they are both ayashi. In general all the monsters go to Yōkai Academy to learn to get along with humans and peacefully coexist with them. Despite lacking any supernatural powers, they are still the strongest and most dominate race due to their numbers, and, unlike many of the other species at Yōkai, that are not in decline. The monster’s opinions on humans are divided; while many see humans as inferior, others have compassion for them and wish to peacefully coexist with humanity.

When a human is injected with monster blood and infused, then he/she will become Yōkai and have their own Yōki such as vampire blood can create a human into a true Vampire or if vampire blood is too much and is degenerative then a human will become a Ghoul. Even a monster blood can modified a human's body into a Hybrid or into a some Hybrid being like a Chimera. Some of these changes would cause a severe personality alterations. A human's body can even altered into a Modified Human and use Yokai techniques.

Known HumansEdit

Former HumansEdit