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'Hagane Zatoumushi '(Steel Daddy Longlegs) is a defensive summon that was first summoned by Yukari Sendo to protect Fang-Fang Huang from Senjin Chouka.


Hagane Zatoumushi appears as a giant spider with eight long, thin legs that are bigger than a Human. It also appears to have one eye, two mandiables, and a somewhat armored back.

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Hagane Zatoumushi


Accordng to Yukari, Hagane Zatoumushi is a defensive summon which will "not let a single blade pass". This was proven during the battle between Fang-Fang & Yukari against Xia-Long Miao, as it didn't allow a single blade from Senjin Chouka to hit Fang-Fang.

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