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Fairy Tale


Masked King (Alucard) (Deceased)
Kiria Yoshii (Current)
Gyokuro Shuzen (Deceased)
Subdivision Leaders
(1) Miyabi Fujisaki (Alucard) (Deceased)
(2) Fake Issa Shuzen (Defeated)
(3) Kuyō (Defeated)
(4) Xia-Long Miao (Defeated)
(5) Raika (Defeated)
(6) Gairen Yuki (Deceased)
(7) Kanade Kamiya (Deceased)
Subdivision Deputy
(1) Kiria Yoshii (Formerly)
(2) Unknown
(3) Unknown
(4) Routier (Defeated)
(5) Unknown
(6) Unknown
(7) Tsubaki Rokurou (Defeated)
(1) Akua Shuzen (Defected)
(2) Kalua Shuzen (Deceased)

Fairy Tale is a group of Yōkai dedicated to throwing harmony into chaos and ruling over the Human World. They appear in the second serialization of the manga series. They are well-connected and maintain a great deal of assets, both in finances and in manpower.

Fairy Tale operates out of their flying fortress, the "Floating Garden". After the death of the Commander-In-Chief Gyokuro and the defeat of the subdivision leaders as well as the destruction of the Floating Garden, Fairy Tale has fallen in ruin, possibly marking the end of the organization for good.


Currently, Fairy Tale appears to have seven Divisions. They seem to be divided regionally, with Subdivisions located in major cities. The group ANTI-THESIS may have been a special Division.

Furthermore, Hokuto has explained that every Division has their own distinct goals, and proves this when he assists Tsukune and his friends in trying to rescue Moka.


Fairy Tale's involvement first began against the Land of the Yuki-onna. They planned to use connections with a business organization to capture Mizore, but that plot was foiled. In the ensuing chaos, a strange seed or egg was planted on the tree at the center of the village, which is growing larger and weakening the integrity and strength of the ice world.

Fairy Tale's Commander-in-Chief Gyokuro Shuzen has announced her plans to have Moka awaken the Alucard lying dormant in Fairy Tale's base and manipulate its power to wipe out the human race.

The true leader of Fairy Tale turns out to be the Masked King, the one who led the Miao Family prior to creating Fairy Tale. The Masked King orchestrated the feud between the Miao and Huang Families and manipulated both Xia-Long Miao and Gyokuro Shuzen into working for him.

After the Masked King is unmasked and revealed to be Miyabi Fujisaki in disguise, he announces that he is actually a clone of Alucard's human form, created before he was sealed by Akasha Bloodriver 200 years ago. This leads to the revelation that Alucard was the one responsible for setting up Fairy Tale and the Miao Family, while biding his time under the alias of "Miyabi" until he could free his true body from Akasha's seal.

After Alucard's demised, Kiria Yoshii rebuilted Fairy Tale once more and became the new leader, although that's a different story.

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