Bite Size Monster DictionaryEdit

(lit. Crow Heavenly Dog)

A yōkai from Ancient Japan. Possessing the beak and feathers of a crow, it can manipulate the wind through its supernatural powers. Its origins date back before the proud Tengu. There are many legends involving this creature, such as Kurama Tengu, who taught swordsmanship to Ushiwakamaru. It is famous for being a creature who likes children.


  • Humanoid with a crow-like beak and wings.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Wind Manipulation: Tengu are capable of blasting strong beams of wind.
  • Flight: It might be possible for them to fly, since they have wings.

Known Crow-TenguEdit

Haiji Miyamoto


  • It is possible that they are S-Class Monsters.
  • Legends have Crow Tengu taking children away from neglectful or abusive homes and caring for them until they can find a new loving family. They then wreak vengeance upon the former parents/caretakers by the power of the wind.

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