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Chopper Rinkishi is a troll on the Yokai wrestling team. He aims to prove the he is the strongest of the academy and will "perform full body attacks at the drop of a hat".


In his human form, Chopper has blonde hair, dark eyes, and a calm face when happy. He wears sweats and a work-out shirt. As a wrestler, he keeps a towel with him at all times to wipe off sweat. When he is angered or excited, his face becomes ghastly with rage. In his troll form, his shirt rips off due to the incrase in his body mass, his teeth become sharper and spikes run through his hair.


Chopper is shown to be "all brawn and no brains", wanting to prove himself the strongest and is willing to fight anyone that he deems to as tough as Kuyou or anyone strong.

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