Blood Transfusion is an ability for Yokai to use their fangs to inject their blood and yōki into another person. This ability has been usually used on Humans when they are in a weakened state. When blood is injected it will heal them, give them power, and turn humans into Yōkai. The only humans that have been injected are Hokuto Kaneshiro and Tsukune Aono. Both of them are now Yōkai.

Side Effects and DegenerationsEdit

If a human is injected with monster blood too many times then he/she will get side effects from the inside and possibly die, but if a human is able to survive and endure this effect then the human's body will degenerate into a Yōkai being. Hokuto was turned into a multi-limbed Skeletal Beast due the degenerative yōkai blood from Kiria Yoshii and Tsukune who was turned into a Ghoul, a mindless killing machine due the degenerative vampire blood from Moka Akashiya.



  • In the anime Tsukune didn't become a Ghoul because he haven't been injected by Moka's blood so many times but he was only injected just once and was slowly changes him then he was turning into a Temporary Vampire.

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