Allure (or Charm) is a special technique that Succubus use to hypnotize men.


  • Allure
  • Allure (on a group)
  • Allure (about to be completed)
To use Allure, the Succubus will look into a man's eyes before activating the technique. This hypnotizes the man, who will then be very affectionate towards the Succubus and do anything that the Succubus asks of them. People with strong wills, such as Tsukune Aono, may be able to resist the effects of Allure, causing Succubus to use repeated doses to keep them in line.

If a Succubus can use Illusions like Kurumu, then it is possible for them to charm a large grouping of men with Allure.

To complete the Allure, a Succubus has to kiss a male that has been affected. This will cause the kissed male to become the Succubus' slave/servant for all eternity.


  • Vampires can also use this ability.
  • It's possible that Allure without a kiss can be resisted (before Kurumu added illusions and witchcraft) by a Succucbus's Mate of Fate, whether or not the Succubus in question has fully chosen said male in her mind and heart.
  • Comically, during one of the segments at the ends of each volume, after Kurumu kissed Mizore, she fell to Allure and attacked her affectionately.
  • When Tsukune was being controlled with this ability by Kurumu, he broke free from it because he always thought of Moka due to his strong will.
  • In the anime of Rosario+Vampire Capu2, Ijuuin Kotaro (who is actually Koumori Nazo) appeared in Episode 10 using Allure with his fang, but lost the ability by his defeat.

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